Weekly Reading – April 30 – May 6 2017

Weekly Reading Tarot TarotPugs Pugs WIld Unknown Arcana of Astrology

When I prepared to do the card for this week, I felt inclined to add two additional tarot cards and an oracle card for this week. I hope to continue this for future week cards as this can give overall clarity and depth to the week.

Tarot of the Cat People by Karen Kuykendall (U.S. Games Systems, Inc.) and Arcana of Astrology by Black and the Moon are used for the messages for this week.

Both are beautiful decks and the colours from Arcana of Astrology compliment any spread to Tarot of the Cat People, yet it does so very nicely to any tarot deck as well.


Let’s see what this week will bring as we take a look with these four cards:


7 of Cups Reversed, 5 of Wands Reversed, Knight of Cups

We may know what we want this week or in the near future, yet we may have to fight to get it.

There may likely be difficulties that can get in the way, in which we feel people are working against us on purpose or just by carelessness or disregard.

We may feel thwarted in our attempts to reach our goals and what we want or need.

We can’t let this deter us from going after what we want.

The Knight of Cups shows how we can react to these challenges that we may face this week.

If we use our intuition with some clever thinking, we can find away to work around these difficulties.

We may need to understand where other people are coming from, what their intentions are and why they’re doing what they’re doing which seems to be getting in our way.

If we better understand them, then we’ll know how to manage and deal with them in a more efficient way.

We may also need to change how we express our needs to allow people to be more receptive to our needs.

As the saying goes, “you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.”

Since we have a goal in mind, we can stay focused and determined to attain it, yet not so much that we get frustrated by everything that may come up that gets in our way.

Stay calm and focused; don’t lose your cool in the midst of these challenges.

Weekly Reading Tarot Pugs TarotPugs


The oracle card for this week to summarize the week, is Pisces from Arcana of Astrology by Black and the Moon.

Pisces is interpreted as “Dream” which seems to summarize our intent and determination to achieve our goal or “dream”.

Are you clear about what your dream is?

Do you have a dream that you want to fulfill or making plans for it this week?

Do you know where you want to go with this dream?

Go with the flow this week, and don’t let challenges or people get in the way of you working towards your dream.

We may need to shift our focus and redirect our attention, change our course of action or make minor adjustments to work around any difficulties that may arise.

Stay focused and keep working towards your dream.


Stacey & the Tarot Pugs


Title image designed in Canva.
Card images from Tarot of the Cat People by Karen Kuykendall (U.S. Games Systems, Inc.) and Arcana of Astrology by Black and the Moon.

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