Card of the Week: April 23-29 2017 – The Empress

Tarot Pugs TarotPugs The Empress Card of the Week Taurus Venus

Welcome to Taurus season!

The Sun entered Taurus on April 19,  appropriately we have The Empress for this week whose associated planet is Venus, which rules Taurus (and Libra).

We should turn our focus on nurturing ourselves and reconnecting with our own innate nature.

We can do this by connecting with nature outside.

If you’re in the Northern Hemisphere, that means springtime which everything is starting to come into bloom.

If you’re in the Southern Hemisphere, then that means autumn is upon you and you can feel the subtle change of the season marking winter is soon on its way.


Get Comfy & Be Well

Taurus loves creature comforts, as does The Empress.

We might want to make sure we’re comfortable this week, have everything that we need to make ourselves comfortable at home and at work.

It may just mean foregoing certain clothing or shoes for something more relaxed and comfortable.

Be sure to eat well this week, especially if you feel that you haven’t been eating well enough lately.

A home-cooked meal may be just what’s needed, or a healthy take-out option may also be ideal. Comforting foods that can be nourishing and healthy can help mind and body.


Look to Venus

Look to see if Venus is making any particular aspects in your chart or at least to see which house Venus is in your natal chart for this week.

Remember what you learned during Venus retrograde.

Lessons from Venus retrograde may be important for us to apply as we continue through Taurus season as Venus rules Taurus.

These lessons can be invaluable as we continue on our path.


Contentment & Abundance

Focus on what abundance you want to have.

What does a comfortable life look like for you?

The Empress suggests that everything that you need, you already have.

Everything else is just “wants,” not “needs”. She sits happily where she is surrounded by the necessities of life to sustain her, and she loves where she is, content as she is.

If you don’t feel comfortable where you are in life, look to see how you can change that and what you may need to do in order to achieve a certain contentment.

Abundance comes in many different forms, more often than just money and possessions.

Stacey & the Tarot Pugs


Title image designed in Canva.
Card image from Rider Waite Tarot by U.S. Games Systems, Inc. ©1971.

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