Root Chakra Spell

Balance and unblock your base/root chakra with this Root Chakra witchcraft spell.


Sometimes we get blocked and unbalanced emotionally and physically.

We feel out of alignment.


We get health problems that are persistent, but have no real known cause.

They seem to be energetically caused by blocks, fears, anxiety or worry.


The root chakra is connected to our sense of security and stability. It’s the part of us that grounds ourselves in the world.


It’s how we feel comfortable in this world and feel safe.


Everything that has left us feeling dejected, insecure, worrisome or afraid sometimes makes a big imprint on the root chakra. It sticks to it like glue.

Worries about financial stability or security, how you will support yourself financially or have fears that you are physically or emotionally unsupported by others can affect the root chakra.


These become literally “deep rooted fears” in the one chakra that is supposed to give us stability and grounding in this world.


If you’re prone to fears of instability, insecurity, anxiety and worries, you may have a lot of work to do on your root chakra that it may be a constant work in progress.


Fears and worry can become habitual over years and years of conditioning.

Making it a conscious practice to balance the chakras can help lessen fears, anxiety and blockages that may get in your way.

Clearing the chakras is an ongoing practice like washing clothes or your hair. It can’t be done once and forgotten about.


Root Chakra Spell


Here is a spell to help balance, clear and heal the root chakra:


Items Needed:

  • Red organza bag
  • Small miniature Ziploc bag
  • Hematite crystal
  • Bloodstone crystal
  • Red carnelian crystal
  • Obsidian crystal
  • Smoky quartz crystal
  • Fire opal crystal
  • White sage (and abalone shell or fire proof dish)
  • Lighter
  • 4 white tea light candles and 4 tea light candle holders
  • Small piece of paper (size of small Post-It note)
  • Pen
  • Sandalwood incense
  • Cayenne pepper
  • The Devil tarot card
  • The Emperor tarot card
  • The World tarot card
  • The Star tarot card



Cleanse the hematite and bloodstone crystals with sage and place in the organza bag.

Place a few sprinkles of cayenne pepper into the miniature plastic Ziploc bag (enough to have a small amount in the bag).

Place two small leaves of sage in the plastic bag and close the plastic bag tightly with the Ziploc seal and cleanse again with sage.

Fold the plastic bag tightly and place in the organza bag. Cleanse the organza bag again with sage.


Write on the small piece of paper with a pen the following:

“I am strong, stable and at peace.”

Fold the paper tightly and place in the organza bag.

Cleanse the organza bag with sage again and tie tightly to avoid it coming undone.


Prepare the area that you will do the spell work.


Place candles in a cross position (top, bottom, left and right) with enough space in the middle to place three (3) tarot cards side by side.

In the corners of the “cross”, place the red carnelian, obsidian, smoky quartz and fire opal crystals.

Light the sandalwood incense and place the tarot cards on your working table or altar for later use. Light the tea light candles.


The Root Chakra Spell:


This spell is mostly mental work and visualization.

This spell can be done to heal your root chakra or to help heal someone else’s root chakra.

Both steps to perform this spell for yourself or someone else are listed below.

Start with asking assistance from your chosen deity that you normally work with for healing or the Goddess.

State your intention that your goal and purpose is to work on the root chakra.


If you’re healing your own root chakra:


Envision and scan your root chakra.

Note how it looks and feels: is it dark, murky, dirty, muddy, spotted, too bright? Is it spinning too slow or too fast?

If you can’t see it, note if you can feel it or if you hear any words associated with it.


Starting with your root chakra, work your way up to open all your chakras.


Attune to them by visualizing them, say the names of the chakras in your mind (root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown) and visualize them radiant, vibrant and energetic.


Work your way up to your crown chakra and envision your crown chakra opening like a funnel to the sky.


Ask for the universal healing energy to come down into your crown chakra and envision it slowly traveling and filling you from head down to your root chakra.


When the white healing light reaches your root chakra, envision it clearing the muddy darkness from it.

Take as long as you need until you feel it is cleared. If you need to adjust the speed of your chakra, allow the energy to do so.


If you’re healing someone else, follow this step:


Envision the person you’re healing in front of you.

Scan their root chakra and note the health of it: is it dark, murky, spotted, too bright, too slow or too fast?

Open all your chakras as in the previous step.

Envision the energy coming down into your chakras, then with your mind, hands and heart chakra, project the universal healing energy to that person’s root chakra.

Keep doing so until you feel that the chakra is cleared or that the energy seems to have faded.

This may mean the person has received enough energy that they can handle/accept and/or the focus that you can maintain has reached its limit.


Proceed now to the tarot cards:


Holding the tarot cards, take The Devil card first and place to the right of the left tea light candle.


Recite the first part if you’re healing yourself or the second part if you’re healing someone else:

“May I feel in control.” / “May you feel in control.”


Place The Emperor card to the right of The Devil card and recite:

“May I feel empowered.” / “May you feel empowered.”


Place The World card to the right of The Emperor card and recite:

“May I feel secure.” / “May you feel secure.”


Place The Star card horizontally over the three tarot cards and recite:

“May I heal my root chakra.” / “May your root chakra be healed.”


Place the organza bag with the items in it on top of The Star card.

Place your hands over the organza bag (but at a safe distance from the candles) and send healing white light into the organza bag to charge it.

Thank deity/Goddess/Spirit/Universe for assisting you.

Leave candles to burn until they extinguish ensuring they are in a safe place to be undisturbed and safe to burn while attending to them.

Leave the organza bag and cards in between the candles until the candles go out.


After the spell:


If you’re healing your own root chakra, wear the organza bag in a pants pocket all day for at least 7 days.

If you’re healing someone else, give them the organza bag for them to wear in their pants pocket all day for 7 days.

The ideal way is to keep the organza bag close to the root chakra during that time.

Repeat if necessary after 7 days if you feel the root chakra needs an added boost of healing or adjustment.


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