Tarotscopes – April 2017

Tarotscopes April 2017 TarotPugs

April begins in Aries and Aries season marks a new year of the zodiac which you may find that things have really started to get into high gear and build momentum as we now enter the fourth month of 2017.

However, Taurus season begins on April 19, which can give us the endurance and determination to see our plans through.

For this month, we’ve chosen The Black Cats Tarot by Lo Scarabeo to highlight the energy and influence for each of the zodiac signs.

These tarotscopes can be read and used for sun, moon and rising signs. 

Read each of them based on your signs and see which may work for you this month.

If you’re unsure about your signs, you can check out astro.com to compose your natal chart.

Let’s see what April may bring:

Tarotscopes – April 2017


Aries – Ace of Cups

Blessings can come in different ways; if you feel that you are lacking something in your life, look to other areas of your life to see where there is joy, abundance, love and happiness.

Trust your intuition and feelings when it comes to making choices and decisions regarding relationships.


Taurus – 10 of Cups Reversed

There may be a separation between family or someone that you love or care about. This could be due to distance or just from being too busy. Send love notes to keep the love and connection thriving.

This will likely be a temporary separation, so stay positive and hopeful. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.


Gemini – 10 of Coins

What legacy will you leave to others and to your family? Legacy can mean more than just wills and estates. How do you want to be remembered? What mark do you want to leave in the world? It’s never too late to plan for the future.


Cancer – Temperance

Take time to slow down and think things through before making decisions or future plans. If you’re feeling worked up about something, step back to reassess and think.

Weigh your thoughts, feelings and emotions carefully; remain calm, cool and collected.


Leo – The Lovers

When it comes to love or partnerships, even co-workers, you may feel like you’re not on the same page, can’t seem to agree or get co-operation. Compromise will be required, but carefully consider how much you’re willing to compromise on and what is non-negotiable.


Virgo – 2 of Cups

Perhaps a romantic getaway? Kindling of romance with sweet gestures? What do you need or want in a romantic/love relationship? You may feel confident enough to confide in someone trustworthy about how you feel about something or someone.

Spend some time getting to know someone on a personal level.


Libra – The Magician Reversed

You may have gathered an abundance amount of knowledge and research, now what? How will you put it into practice? Take your knowledge, logic and skill and combine them to create and offer something new.

This will be the beginning of a new creative endeavour.


Scorpio – The Tower

Are you holding onto something that’s no longer working for you? Sometimes the Universe lets go of it for us. Will you hold onto it until the very end or jump before it goes down?

Remember, cats (usually) always land on their feet. Be agile and adaptable. You can land on your feet too.


Sagittarius – Knight of Swords

What are you ready to fight for? It may not be an easy battle, but you’ll be ready to fight “the good fight.” This may mean righting a wrong, setting the record straight, or fighting for something that’s rightfully yours.

Fight honourably to keep your valour and dignity.


Capricorn – 8 of Wands

Here today, gone tomorrow. You may be busier than usual with so much to do in a short amount of time. Remember that life is a marathon, not a sprint; so take time for yourself in between tasks and responsibilities.

Pace yourself with the help of time management strategies, techniques or apps.


Aquarius – The Emperor Reversed

Sometimes you just want to have a day off (or a few). It’s not easy being responsible and in charge all the time. This could be management, work, parenthood or other authority positions.

Try to loosen up and not feel you need to have full control. Let your lighter side show while still showing leadership.


Pisces – 9 Swords

If you have fears and worries, your mind keeps reflecting them back to you like a mirror. Try not to get trapped in your own mind. Break the cycle. Seek an outsider opinion to give you a different point of view and perspective.

Step back to see beyond the forest for the trees.


Stacey & the Tarot Pugs


Designed in Canva.

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