Card of the Week: February 19-25 2017 – Temperance Reversed

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It’s Pisces season!

The Sun enters Pisces on February 18 at 6:31 am EST which there has been a lot of fiery energy lately with Venus and Mars in Aries.

Temperance corresponds to Sagittarius, a fiery sign, which Aries is also a fire sign. Add these to Pisces, a water sign, there’s bound to be some steam released.

Tempers may flare during this week, so if you value a relationship (personal or business), it may be best to take some time alone to sort things out.

Think carefully about your feelings and take into consideration if things might be taken out of proportion during the week.

Emotions may run high and people may be quick to react based on what they feel first rather than trying to see the reality of a situation.



We may feel that our feet are being held to the fire and our patience, character and tempers may be tested.

We could also feel consumed by something internally; feelings may bubble up on the inside and deep fires may burn rising to the surface.

Tarot or divination and journaling may help to work out your own internal alchemical processes.

Talking about matters that you’re concerned about with a trusted friend or loved one can also help work things out or at least get things off your chest.



Neptune rules Pisces (which is my favourite planet), so I’m quite happy to see Pisces season come around.

However, Neptune can cause illusive dreams and communication, illusions and more than meets the eye.

Temperance is associated with Sagittarius, which this week the moon will be in Sagittarius on February 18 at 1:52 pm EST until February 20 at 6:37 pm EST.

This imbalance shown in Temperance reversed may cause emotions and internal workings to have a significant affect on many people or in the news over the weekend.

We may have to put out proverbial fires or may find people under fire about something  (ahem, politics – *cough cough*).

The fiery Sagittarius moon energy combined with the sun in watery Pisces may create a lot of steam being blown. Best to be prepared.


Wishing everyone a wonderful week.


Much #puglove,
Stacey & the Tarot Pugs

Designed in Canva.
Card image from Wild Unknown Tarot by Kim Krans ©2016.
GIF from Giphy (via GooglePlay)


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