Weekend Card: February 17-19 2017 – Six of Wands

Tarot Pugs TarotPugs Wild Unknown Weekend Friday Six Wands

If this has been a long week for you, why not treat yourself to something worthwhile as a reward for all the hard work and effort you’ve done.

It can be something simple and inexpensive, but still rewarding.

Teamwork may play an important role, whether you’re in a team at work, sports or another organizational group, so giving praise and credit to other team members can help raise morale, team spirit and esteem.

Be a cheerleader for someone in your life and show them how much you care and support them.

In a relationship, give your partner praise and appreciation for everything that they do, even minor chores and daily tasks.

Let them know how much they’re valued and appreciated.

This can also be for children to give encouragement and thanks for simple chores at home or in school work.

Groups may get together this weekend to support one another and leaders in order to initiate change in policies and/or government. Rallies may also be on the agenda.

There will likely be an overwhelming amount of support in organizations and communities coming together.

Support each other in community and personal endeavours.

If you’ve been feeling discouraged lately or in need of a boost in self-esteem, ask a trusted friend or loved one to name a few things that you do well.

This may feel like “fishing for compliments,” but sometimes we all need to hear some encouragement to help us on our way.

Remember to return the favour and let them know what they excel at also.


Happy Weekend!

Much #puglove,
Stacey & the Tarot Pugs

Designed in Canva.
Card image from Wild Unknown Tarot by Kim Krans ©2016.
GIF from Giphy App (via GooglePlay).

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