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Please Note: Some links in this post may be NSFW + intended for 18+.

As more people begin to explore different aspects of themselves, the tarot has always been an amazing mirror to scry further into the depths of our own psyches, personas, orientations and personalities.

Tarot allows us to explore these aspects, all the way from the shadow self to the bright shadow, our feelings, desires, our pain and disappointments, hopes and fears.

We can explore our humanity and base natures, our needs and our wants all through the help of tarot and the insight gained.

The tarot can expose parts innate to who we are, but sometimes we rarely think of it or question why we are that way.

These studies are becoming more predominant as people begin to explore and question more acutely about these topics and how we fit in compared to society and relationships.

Exploring these aspects, whether the shadow self, our gender identity and sexuality.

It can be liberating, but at the same time, raw and intense.

These parts can be fragile in nature to realise what lies beneath the surface of who we are that is often suppressed by ourselves or others.

 Self-discovery through gender and sexuality analysis is vital to who we are.


Sexuality and gender issues explored with the tarot can be an eye-opening experience that unlocks the proverbial hidden bedroom deep within our psyche.

If you read tarot, you can ask questions about your sexuality and gender on your own without anyone else having to know about it.

You can journal about it, keep it to yourself and uncover more about yourself.

Heck, you can write it all down then shred the evidence if you don’t want prying eyes on your personal business. It’s all up to you.

If you don’t read tarot or don’t feel confident enough to explore these topics on your own, you can ask a trusted friend or reader to explore these topics in depth.

Finding a reader that you feel comfortable with to ask these kinds of questions is important as these can be sensitive issues to uncover.

For the most part, these issues aren’t discussed in mainstream society aren’t talked about openly or compassionately. (But more conversations need to be started). This can make it difficult for some of us to open up about these topics candidly.

Reading about gender and sexuality issues is like exposing parts of yourself openly, that many of us keep to ourselves or hide away.

For people who are open to express themselves freely, I admire them greatly and they give us all more courage to be more self-accepting and inspiration.♥



Gender, sexuality and tarot can be a long journey that over time can evolve as we, too, evolve and grow.

Our perceptions change, our concerns change, our interests change as we grow.

You can start by asking one question and drawing one card, then write down whatever comes to mind.

If you prefer, ask a question and create a spread to look at different aspects of it centering around gender identity or sexuality.

You can make this journey as simple or in depth as you want. It’s all up to you and how much you want to explore, and how much time you want to devote to each reading session.

Not sure what to ask the tarot about gender or sexuality?

Here’s a few ideas to help formulate your own questions:

  • How do I feel about my sexuality (or sexuality in general)?
  • Do I completely identify with my assigned sex?
  • Do I completely identify with my perceived gender (or gender roles)?
  • What are my views on gender (or sexuality)?
  • What makes me feel sexually attractive?
  • What kind of people/persons am I sexually attracted to?
  • How do I feel about my own sex (or opposite sex)?
  • What kind of sexual relationships do I desire?
  • How do I feel connected to my partner (or others) in sexual relationships?
  • How do I express (or connect) with femininity or masculinity (if at all)?



If you’re looking for a tarot deck that’s more centred or focused on sexuality and gender, there are a few decks available on the market that may interest you.

Little Red Tarot centres around LGBTQ matters and tarot and has great reviews on decks that centre around tarot in this spotlight and always offers great reviews on decks that focus on these matters.

A quick review of decks that are available for purchase at Little Red Tarot can be found HERE that are more inclusive.  FYI – Wild Unknown Tarot is listed on Little Red Tarot for purchase (among other sites such as Amazon and Chapters/Indigo) and is now my ultimate favourite to explore gender and sexuality issues.

Autostraddle has a list of queer-friendly tarot decks and reviews which the review was done in 2015, so some of them may be available now.

And for those who are 18+: The Decameron and Manara Erotic Tarot are also popular for these types of sexualized tarot decks.

Diana at Modern Witchy Woman explored these decks and sexuality on her blog post, Tips on Using Erotic Tarot Decks if you want all the spicy details (and a sneak peek of pictures) of these decks.



Whether you’re in your 20s, 30s, 40s or beyond, it’s never too early or too late to learn about yourself, your gender identity or explore your sexuality.

Tarot can be a part of this self-discovery which can also be a life-long journey.

As liberating as it can be to explore more parts of yourself, taking small steps can make the most progress.

Whether exploring the shadow self, bright shadow, sexuality, gender or more, it can be draining and confusing if done for long stretches of time.

Balance sessions that explore these issues with other activities that are uplifting and relaxing.

Think of it as a therapy session.

Most sessions are about an hour long, sometimes less, to make it concise, but therapeutic. If a session is too long, it can be tiring and exhaustive.

After exploring these depths, take some time away from journaling or analysing them and do something different.

Walk, cook, go out to eat, play with your kids or pets, watch TV or movie, call a friend, anything to get your “out of your head” and back into regular life. Your sanity will thank you!

Sending lots of #puglove on your journey.

Stacey & the Tarot Pugs

Designed in Canva.

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