Card of the Week: February 12-18 2017 – The Empress Reversed

Card Week TarotPugs Tarot Wild Unknown Tarot Empress Reversed

Valentine’s Day is on Tuesday, February 14 and although it’s the “Day of Love”, The Empress reversed for this week may seem contradictory.

However, the influence of Venus that rules The Empress will be what is needed, especially if this care and affection is missing or lacking.

As much as we may want to dote on our loved ones and be taken care of, we may have to do it for ourselves and on our own. Take time for yourself and do something to treat yourself.

So, eat fine food fit enough for a Taurus and surround yourself with luxury items and music fit enough for a Libra (both ruled by Venus).

In addition of caring for ourselves, there may be news or instances regarding untraditional roles particularly for women or regarding relationships.

Above all: Love is love.

We all crave to be nurtured and loved, to have abundance around us.

Women’s issues may also appear in the headlines again that there is still a long road ahead as The Empress reversed shows there’s difficulties in this aspect.

Connect to the Divine Feminine and Earth Goddess/Mother. Honouring this time of year, especially this week, is to take time for ourselves through the harshest of season of the year and give us strength and encouragement to continue.

Spend time to connect with Feminine Goddesses, such as Venus/Aphrodite, meditate with rose quartz or rhodochrosite, take time to catch up on sleep, read a good book, journal, or anything to unwind from responsibilities.

Creativity may feel blocked this week, so look for inspiration from Venus herself or from personal relationships.

Go back to brainstorming, meditate with your favour crystal or candle, take time away from your projects or work, and let whatever inspiration may come when you’re ready.

Have a great week!

Much #puglove,
Stacey & the Tarot Pugs


Designed in Canva.
Card image from Wild Unknown Tarot by Kim Krans ©2016.

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