Coffee Spells & Divination

Coffee and witchcraft go together! Cast spells and do divination with your next cup of coffee anytime and anywhere.


Spells and divination can be done with just about anything and anywhere.

What about spells with your daily coffee?

Coffee spells & divination can be done any way you want and any time of the day with simple techniques that no one around you will even know that you’re doing a quick spell while enjoying your favourite cup of coffee.

Coffee Spells


These are some of the techniques that I’ve used while making or having coffee. Sometimes these are done when I make coffee at home or when I get coffee from a local coffee shop.

To draw things towards you, stir your coffee with a stirring stick clockwise.

You can recite a quick incantation while you do so or you can simply imagine abundance or prosperity coming your way during the day.

You can say your spell to yourself in your mind and no one will know that you’re working magick as you’re sitting and enjoying your java.


To repel things away from you such as negativity, stir your coffee counter-clockwise.


While doing so, imagine the negativity being drawn away from you.

If you add sugar or sweetener to your coffee, you can recite another incantation as you sprinkle the sweetener in your coffee and then stir in the desired direction to draw (clockwise) or repel (counter-clockwise).

The same can be done while adding dairy, soy or almond milk to your coffee. In essence, your coffee mug or tumbler is your cauldron as you mix the coffee.

Associate intentions with each item (e.g. milk, sugar) that you add to the coffee and stir.

Enjoy your magickal coffee!


Ever have coffee from a coffee shop that doesn’t taste the best?

Maybe your favourite barista wasn’t working that day and someone else made your favourite coffee.

You can return the coffee each time, but if you’re like me, you’re half a block away before you even tasted the coffee and then realise it’s not up to par.


This is when I’ll have the coffee stirrer with me and do a quick recitation to help my coffee taste better. Whether it’s tricking the mind or not, it seems to work for me.


Stir the coffee clockwise at least 10 times while reciting:

“This coffee will taste so sweet;
It will be my favourite treat.”


Then draw with the coffee stirrer a pentagram starting on the left side, drawing it three times, then circle the pentacle with the coffee stirrer three times to make the shape of a pentacle.

As you do this, open your third eye chakra and focus on the coffee tasting the way you want it. (I love Caramel Macchiato, so I prefer my coffee on the unhealthy sweet-side of the coffee spectrum.)

Recite the incantation again if you wish, then enjoy your coffee!


If you feel that it’s not as sweet as you’d hope you can try the incantation again while stirring your coffee – or if all else fails, another coffee might be needed to start over. (It happens.)

Every time I’ve had a barista make my coffee which didn’t taste as I had hoped, I recite the same incantation in my mind as they’re making the coffee.

Nine times out of ten, the coffee always tastes better than expected. 🙂


Coffee Divination


You can also do divination with coffee and cream or milk.

In the morning while making your coffee (or any time during the day or night), before pouring the milk, cream, soy or almond milk, tell yourself that you want to scry with your coffee.

You can think of a question or allow Spirit to let you know whatever it is that you need to know that day.

Pour the dairy into the coffee just enough so that some rises to the top and swirls. It won’t last very long so you may have to be quick to notice any shapes or designs that come to mind.

Gaze into the swirls of the cream or milk to see if anything catches your attention.

If you see something, great! It could be a letter, symbol, animal, etc.

You can look up the symbol in a psychic symbols book or dream interpretation book or online. The Book of Psychic Symbols by Melanie Barnum and are good resources to look up symbols. Dream Moods also has an app on GooglePlay.

If you didn’t see anything right away, you can try another time with your coffee and set your imagination free!


Coffee Grounds & Beans


Coffee grounds and beans can also be used in spell work and magick.

Anywhere from placing on your altar, sprinkling around your home, wearing in a pouch or even letting it drip through your coffee machine as you recite a spell as the coffee is filtered.

Coffee used as grounds or beans can be used to dispel nightmares, internal blockages and negative thoughts as well.

It can also provide peace of mind and grounding.

If you have a coffee grinder, you could take coffee beans and infuse them with the thought of breaking something or destroying something that is holding you back.

Place the coffee beans in the coffee grinder and turn it on it pulverize bad thoughts and negativity!

Filter the coffee grounds in the coffee machine to capture the remainder and infuse the coffee liquid with positivity and drink the coffee to reinforce the positive influences.


Your imagination is limitless when it comes to thinking up ways to use coffee in magickal uses.

These are just a few ideas on how to practice magick and the Craft everyday in just simple ways as having coffee.

Have fun and a bit of magick with your next cup of coffee!


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Coffee and Witchcraft definitely go together! Cast spells and do divination with your next cup of coffee anytime and anywhere.


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9 thoughts on “Coffee Spells & Divination

  1. This is a great idea, totally love it! I’ve been looking for small ways to integrate witchy stuff into my world. I will try this tomorrow morning with my coffee ^_^

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    • Definitely! A silent or spoken prayer, mantra, incantation can work just as well while brewing, pouring and stirring. Making a morning ritual or routine or just having an intention while having coffee or tea can be just as effective.😊💜🐾

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