Card of the Week: January 15-21 2017 – Ten of Cups

TarotPugs Tarot Pugs Card Week Ten Cups Wild Unknown

Attention may be focused around family and close connections with those that you consider to be part of your family.

This could be your immediate family, extended family, close-knit friends or even your spiritual family.

Focus could also centre around the home front and taking care of matters locally.

There can be a sense of community or people coming together for a common goal and reaching for a “dream”.

There may be a sense that some of us are keeping up appearances, but we may also need to be realistic and acknowledge that everything isn’t always perfect. However, there is always hope that we can do something about it.

This is where family and community, those that share our values, views and interests, can come together to create a new vision and “dream”.

Stacey & the Tarot Pugs

Card image from Wild Unknown Tarot by Kim Krans ©2016.
Designed in Canva.

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