Weekend Card: January 13-15 2017- The Devil Reversed

TarotPugs tarot pugs devil weekend wild unknown

What chains are you ready to break this weekend?

The Devil reversed suggests that it may be time to rid ourselves of habits, ideas or other things that aren’t the best for us or are inhibiting ourselves in some way.

These can preventing us from reaching the next level or stage of our enlightenment or spiritual progress.

This may be a weekend to say goodbye to someone or something that has been more harmful than helpful so that we can move forward and upward.

If shadow work has been an interest or something that you’ve been working on, this may be the time that we come to terms with our shadow side.

We learn to cast out our inner “demons” in order to find our own enlightenment or redemption.

As the last weekend of Capricorn season, we may embody more of these qualities or mentalities that ruling planet Saturn evokes as we get to the last of our to-do lists and throw away what has held us back.

As we move into Aquarius season on January 20 and its ruling planet Uranus, we will likely see a more rebellious, revolutionary side of ourselves that may be much more forward and futuristic thinking.

The Devil reversed may just be the preparation that we need before we jump off into the revolution and rebellion.

We can likely throw off our chains and limitations of what is harmful, negative or detrimental to ourselves and free ourselves.

Much #puglove,
Stacey & the Tarot Pugs

Card image from The Wild Unknown Tarot by Kim Krans ©2016.
Designed in Canva.

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