Card of the Week: December 4-10 2016 – Temperance


This week may involve finding inner balance and integrating parts of yourself with different areas of your life.

You may have felt as though everything has been separated into different elements and areas of your life in which two or more haven’t (or you may feel shouldn’t) mix or interconnect.  It may no longer be possible to keep different parts of your life or inner self separated from everything.

You may feel as though the time has come to find your inner equilibrium and blend parts of yourself with the outer world as you mix the outside world with the world happening within yourself.

This week, it may feel as if an internal alchemy process happening.

Finding the right combination and balance within yourself and the outer world could mean mixing a bit of business with pleasure or bringing parts of your inner self to be expressed outwardly.

As Mercury retrograde has begun its shadow period on December 1, now is the time to remain also “temperate” as we may feel as though we are being tested throughout the week with technical difficulties.

Finding the right balance in our tempers to avoid becoming overly upset or too distant will help as the week progresses and as we get further into the retrograde. Temperance will also be needed as people begin the mad holiday rush which can lead to stressful driving on roads and in parking lots.

As we head further into December furing this week, we may want to blend parts of ourselves into all areas our lives more fully.

As we integrate and find the right combination of these elements and components of ourselves, we can find ways to make these parts of ourselves work together as one.

If you find that you’re keeping your inner world and thoughts separate from everyone around you or that work and personal life never mix, this week may be about breaking down barriers and blending parts of your life together to live more wholly and completely.

This mixture and blend will be unique to everyone and their comfort level. No matter how small this blend or mixture of these parts of yourself and your life is, this may be a step in a new direction that can lead into the remainder of the year.

Wishing everyone a wonderful week!

Stacey & the Tarot Pugs

Card image from The Wild Unknown Tarot ©2016 by Kim Krans.
Designed in Canva.

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