Review: Les Vampires: Ancient Wisdom and Healing Messages from the Children of the Night

Review TarotPugs Les Vampires Oracle Cards

If you like artwork by Jasmine Becket-Griffith as seen in other decks such as Beautiful Creatures Tarot and Oracle of Shadows and Light and something along the lines of an Anne Rice novel, then Les Vampires: Ancient Wisdom and Healing Messages from the Children of the Night oracle cards by Lucy Cavendish is the one of the vampire oracle decks to add to your collection.

Les Vampires is a mystifying deck, yet not frightening or intimidating and can best be described in its own category as hauntingly beautiful.

The cards can be thought provoking, which ask you to go deeper within yourself, delve your own “shadows” and undercurrents of yourself, relationships and situations.

These shadows aren’t to be feared as they are only places in which light hasn’t illuminated them. Les Vampire holds this flickering candle to these parts and sheds clarity on them.


Les Vampires comes in a box similar to most oracle decks which is convenient for storage and safe-keeping, which is beautifully illustrated with the image from card no. 8 titled “Seduction”. There’s a total of 44 cards which comes with a 135-page guidebook that fits nicely inside the deck box.

Each card has a title and three keywords underneath the title, which are captivating with words such as: “Burnt by the Sun”, “Her Last Day in the Light”, “Thirst”, “The Monster Within” and “Death Rites”, to name a few.

The guidebook gives details of the card, a story of what the card represents and interpretations, then ends the section of each card with a suggestion on how to work with the card, i.e. how to create a better outcome. All of these are written from the perspective of wisdom given by the Vampires to help us on our journey and path, who see us struggling with our human difficulties and offer guidance.

If you’re familiar with working with faeries and/or angels and have worked with oracle or tarot decks associated with angels and/or faeries, you may have seen recommendations from authors on how to work with these energies and attune with the messages.


The idea of Les Vampires is similar in that it has a feeling and energy all of its own.

The guidebook for Les Vampires offers information about who Les Vampires are, why they would help us and the reason why we should work with them.

It continues to gives advice to know when Les Vampires are with you, what they will help you with, if they are “real”, and includes a brief story about Mercy Brown, a woman once believed to be a vampire by the townsfolk of Rhode Island in 1892.

Three layouts are also included in the guidebook, together with how to ceremonially bless your deck, how to shuffle the cards (there’s a technique) and how to read for others. All in all, if you’re fairly new to working with oracle decks, the guidebook is a good introduction.

The cards each have an upright and reversal meaning, which is categorized in the guidebook as “Blessing” for upright meanings and “Curse” for reversed meanings.

The description of the reversal meaning as “Curse” isn’t meant to frighten and put a dark negative spin on the card, rather the “Curse” (reversal) looks at the card in the reversal no different than reversals can be interpreted in tarot. Reversals with Les Vampires can simply mean blockages or the opposite of the upright (“Blessing”) meaning of the card.

Personally even though I use reversals in tarot, I find that with these oracle cards, I’ll use my intuition to determine if the “Blessing” or “Curse” meaning is intended, regardless if the card is upright or reversed. You may find this also, if you work with this deck and develop a your own connection with it.


Firstly, the cards aren’t the standard size of most oracle and tarot decks which can make shuffling awkward at first, if you’re not accustomed to larger and longer decks.

If you shuffle your decks horizontally as most people shuffle playing cards, these decks can be shuffled more easily vertically (holding them length-wise) in the usual fashion. If this is still awkward due to joint problems or other hand-issues, mixing them on a table in a pile can also work and perhaps more easily.

Maybe it’s due to the length of the cards, but when I shuffle length-wise, I always get “jumper” cards that jump from the deck frequently.

Les Vampires oracle cards tarotpugs supernatural

However, I’ve noticed that these “jumper” cards are always accurate. Now whenever I use this deck, I always shuffle until I get the right number of cards for the spread and only use “jumper” cards which I get these cards about 99.9% of the time.

However, on the other occasions, if I don’t get any “jumper” cards, then I shuffle, cut into three piles, reassemble and draw from the top as suggested in the booklet for this deck (and which I use that method for my tarot cards as well.)

Les Vampires oracle cards read beautifully to cast light on our shadows and undercurrents which at the same time, forcing us to look at our own mortality and finite time on this Earthly plane.

Les Vampires help us to make the most of who we are and find the happiness we desire despite hardships that may endure.

This oracle deck gives hope and inspiration to recognise that which may be draining us, asks us to acknowledge it so that we can go about change to make things for the better.

Compassion is felt throughout the cards together with a sense of sympathy mixed with empathy. The energy behind the cards wants the best for us to help us avoid the pitfalls and declines that are currently happening or could happen.

Les Vampires offer wisdom and guidance to steer clear of the sorrow and regret that they have endured themselves as creatures of the night.

Forgiveness is another theme in the deck that not only to forgive others and move on from situations, but to have forgiveness for ourselves and release the past, addictions and misconceptions about ourselves.

This sense of releasing what haunts us, what hurts us, gives new life to each of us as Les Vampires offer guidance on how to do so.

Les Vampires is a beautiful oracle deck for any time of the year to explore matters that have undercurrents. Les Vampires by Lucy Cavendish is can be found online at Amazon (US), Amazon (Canada), Amazon (UK) and Chapters-Indigo (Canada).

If you’d like to experience a reading with Les Vampires, two reading offers (one-card and three-card readings) are available on my Etsy shop.


Card images from Les Vampires by Lucy Cavendish,
Les Vampires artwork by Jasmine Becket-Griffith,
(Blue Angel ® Publishing) ©2014.
Designed in Canva.

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