Crossroads Tarot Spread


This tarot spread can be altered and rearranged if you have more than one option or choice to make, or can be rearranged into a cross-shape to make it a four-way crossroad.

The one below has been arranged into the shape of a three-way crossroad which Hecate rules, which this tarot spread looks at two possible options “A” and “B”.

If the spread is arranged in a equal arm cross as a four-way crossroad, you can work with the energies of Hermes who rules four way crossroads.

Before laying the cards for this spread, select one of your options or choices to be “A” or “B” (the order or choice of letter isn’t important.)

Keep in mind which option is for which selection (A or B) in the reading.

If you are unsure of which path to take, what decision to make, or what you need to do next between two options or more, this tarot spread can look at what the challenges are, the past influences, the pros and cons of both options and potential outcomes for each option.



Crossroads Tarot Spread

1. Present – This is where you are and what is happening at the present time

2. Obstacles / Challenges (crosses over first card)– This is what is opposing you, blocking you, causing confusion or preventing you from making the decision you want to make or is making it difficult, or even the reason why you need to make this decision or choice.

3. Past Influences – This may be what has been influencing your decision or choice, which you may or may not be aware of.

4. Option A Pro’s – These are the “pro’s” or good points of “Option A”:

5. Option B Pro’s – These are the “pro’s” or good points of “Option B”; the other choice or decision.

6. Option A Con’s – These are the “con’s” of bad points of “Option A”.

7. Option B Con’s – These are the “con’s” of the bad points of “Option B”.

8. Outcome for Option A – This is the alternative future if Option A is chosen.

9. Outcome for Option B – This is the alternative future if Option B is chosen.

More information on crossroads and magick can be found on my other posts here on the blog: Crossroads Magick and Crossroads Spell for Prosperity.

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