Crossroads Spell for Prosperity

Work with the crossroads to gain money and abundance with this Crossroads Spell for Prosperity. #witchcraft


This crossroads spell is designed to remove blockages from your path to help bring prosperity towards you.

Combined with continued efforts of what you may normally do everyday to help yourself, this spell can help bring transformation and fuel the desire that you have to draw more prosperity and wealth towards you.


Having a clear idea of what prosperity means to you in key to working any spell regarding these topics.

Having enough money from your income for bills, mortgage/rent, food and not lacking any of these things can mean prosperity to you or gaining more income could mean being prosperous to you.

It could mean that you have something that accumulates more wealth such as investments and therefore prosperous.




Time of Month:

  • New Moon or Dark of the Moon (day before New Moon)

Items Needed:

  • 3 white tea light candles
  • Crossroads dirt
  • White blank paper (size 8.5 x 11 – regular white printer paper is OK)
  • Black marker (e.g. Sharpie)
  • 2 small containers


Prepare your opening as usual that you may do for ritual or spell work.

If you work with Hecate, this would be a spell for her assistance. However, some practitioners advise that experience is needed before working with Hecate.

Place tea light candles on your altar or work space, leaving enough room in the middle for the white paper.

Place some crossroads dirt into a small container – about a small handful – and leave the remainder of the crossroads dirt for another time. Place on altar within reach.


When ready, light the candles and focus on your attention to remove any blockages that may be hindering prosperity or abundance from coming your way.

Then with the black marker draw a three-way crossroad on the paper, which may look like the letter “T” or “Y”.


Take a pinch of the crossroads dirt, sprinkle on the lines of the drawn crossroad and recite:


Prosperity comes my way;
it finds me.
I find prosperity;
it comes my way.


Repeat this 9 times, while each time sprinkling cross roads dirt on the drawn crossroad.


When finished, gather the crossroads dirt in a different container.

Fold up the crossroads drawing and tape it closed. Mark it with the date of the spell when it was done and keep it someplace where you keep your money (such as purse or wallet.)


Then with the dirt in the container that was on the paper from the spell, sprinkle the crossroads dirt at the threshold and outside any entrances that lead to your home.

Leave the candles to burn on their own (until they go out) in a safe place or left on your altar/work space.


For more about working with crossroads (including about crossroads dirt), be sure to check out Crossroads Magick.


TarotPugs (6)


Work with the crossroads to gain money and abundance with this Crossroads Spell for Prosperity. #witchcraft



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9 thoughts on “Crossroads Spell for Prosperity

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  3. Hi! I’ve recently been drawn to work with Hecate and I’m so happy to have found your blog! I’m going to do this crossroads prosperity spell! Thank you for posting it! I’m not sure if you’ll be able to answer this question or not, but I’m going to ask it anyway. Due to circumstances, I am unable to physically go to a crossroads. Do you think it would be appropriate to bury a ritual offering for Hecate on my property and sprinkle some crossroads dirt on top of it when I bury it?

    Liked by 1 person

    • HI Sheila! I’m glad you liked this spell. 🙂 I think that if you have a gate entrance or some place that acts like an entrance to your property (front, back or from the side) leading from a path or road may be a good place. I like to leave offerings at my back gate (which leads to a path) for protection and thanks. Adding crossroads dirt at a pathway can be a good idea. Sometimes I’ll add some crossroads dirt at my doorways (front and back doors) to bring opportunities. Hope this helps! 🙂


  4. I’d like to learn more about these things I’ve been trying to resolve myself of & cld use someone to assist me with the details ,Im also a gemini “stuck at a crossroads”

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi! For crossroads workings, it depends on your view of the crossroads from a personal belief system.

      This may vary from hoodoo traditions and other witchcraft traditions.

      Many traditions can view the crossroads as paths merging or going separate ways, some traditions view as a meeting place for spirits or Papa Legba, and so on.

      From a hoodoo perspective for background history and legends of the crossroads, I recommend:

      In something sort of related, if you are familiar with Norse traditions/culture, working with or carrying a talisman with the Viking symbol “Vegvísir” (meaning “sign post” in Icelandic) can help you find your path/way during troubled or confusing times in any area of your life.

      Working with Hekate in meditation, passively to let Her speak to you and show you what you need to know. Items to connect with Hekate can be dark coloured crystals, garlic, black coloured items like candles, etc., can help to set your mindset to connect, as well as rituals in your own way. Researching Hekate in advance will help you to prepare and work with her Crossroads magickal teachings.

      Hope this helps!


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