Weekend Card: November 18-20 2016 – Eight of Pentacles


This weekend may require extra time spent on work or using personal time to work on creating or manifesting something.

A day off could possibly turn into doing overtime or working more than you expect to spend time of something. This could mean spending time on personal work, a business, a hobby or creative project.

What webs are you weaving?
What are you trying to catch in your web?
What are you working on and trying to perfect?

You may feel like working for the sake of doing the work, yet the question remains: are you doing the work because you want to? Do you enjoy the process or is it just something that has to be done?

When you put yourself wholeheartedly into the task and for the sake of becoming proficient at something, it can easily become something to be proud of and worthwhile.

This may be a good time to work on brushing up or perfecting skills, talents or learning something new.

Practice, practice, practice.

Eventually with time and effort, you’ll see improvement. Each thread of the web links to the next and to the next, building on the last to form the web.

From a business perspective, this weekend could bring up the chance to clear out the “cobwebs” and fine tune your business. This could mean working on skills, signing up for a webinar, course and class, polishing up your website or updating old pages with new information or designs.

The downtime over the weekend can bring up the opportunity to work behind the scenes and take care of things that normally are neglected in the day-to-day grind of Monday through Friday.

Much #puglove,
Stacey & the Tarot Pugs

Card image from Wild Unknown Tarot
(box set – first edition) by Kim Krans, HarperElixer ©2016.

Designed in Canva.

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