Card of the Week: November 13-19 2016 – Temperance


Temperance in all its forms may be needed to keep everything in moderation. This may mean having one foot on solid ground and root ourselves for stability, while we traverse deep emotions.

Tempers may flare, so now will be the time to step back and take care of ourselves. This doesn’t mean that our feelings aren’t valid, for they are very much valid in what we think and feel. We can be upset for a very valid reason, but anger without constructive direction won’t produce desired results.

However, this week may be about achieving what may seem impossible just like the angel mixing two chalices that seem to defy the laws of gravity and physics.

If you work with angels, archangels or angelic energy, this may be an opportune time to work closely with the angels, particularly Archangel Michael for guidance, protection, energy clearing and cord cutting.

This week may centre around wanting to create something new, blend something, bring something together in unison, harmony and seeking balance within ourselves.

Wishing everyone a great week ahead.

Much #puglove,
Stacey & the Tarot Pugs

Card image from Rider Waite Tarot ©1971 by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.
Designed in Canva.

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