How to Get the Most from Your Email Tarot Reading


Some tarot readings can resonate with you immediately; others only partially while some have you looking at it as you think, “This has nothing to do with me.

Readings often get better in time.

Tarot readings (and other types of divinatory readings) can have so much information given at once, it can be difficult to decipher what is relevant and what isn’t.

For many of us when we hear new information, we immediately try to find out how we can use this information and how it pertains to us.

If something isn’t deemed “useful” or “necessary,” the mind discards it and we tend to ignore it. This can happen when we get a tarot reading in person, by written email or as an audio tarot reading.

Take time to digest the information.

Fully understanding a tarot reading can take days, sometimes weeks or even months. That’s right. Months. Maybe even years.

My very first ever astrology natal chart was done in 1985 which my great-aunt had paid to have mine done professionally and she mailed it to my mum. I got my hands on it for the first time in 1998 and I’ve referred to it every year since then.

I must have my natal chart memorised by now. It was typed up on a typewriter (complete with correction fluid on it done by the astrologer) and for the most part, events written in that natal chart way back in 1985 have manifested since then – decades later.

It takes time to absorb information.

Let it “sink in”.

Sleep on it.

Come back to it.


Here are five suggestions to get the most from your email tarot reading:

  • Skim it over: If you received a written reading, glance the reading over and look for anything that stands out. Most likely, you are looking for the immediate sentence that answers your question.

You want to get to the proverbial “meat and potatoes” – the “heart” of the reading. After all, that’s why you got the reading, right? If it’s written somewhere as a summary, you might start there to get your quick answer. But, the reading itself is still far from over.

The reading is just getting started with more layers underneath.

  • Read it thoroughly: Start from the beginning and read everything carefully. If it’s a lengthy reading, you don’t have to sit from start to finish in one sitting. Having an email reading is convenient because you can read it whenever you want, wherever you want.

You can read on your commute to work, before bed, on your lunch break, whenever. If you’re interrupted by the kids or significant other, no problem. You can come back to your reading anytime.

Read the tarot reading carefully from start to finish at least once in order to help give you the supplementary information for the final summarised answer that you received.

  • Come back to it: After you’ve read your reading from start to finish, you may want to revisit your reading a day or so later. This is like revising a draft or written proposal or important email.

Read it first, then understand it, then leave it for a bit. When you come back, you have a fresh set of eyes on it again. This time around, there may be something new that stands out which you may not have noticed before.

Since you already have your answer likely from the first time reading it, the second and third time reading it will give the opportunity to re-read the information that supports the final answer.

It takes time to fully absorb all of the information; the hidden details that can be found in a tarot reading.

  • If you feel inspired, journal about it: Some readings can really trigger feelings and emotions. A constructive way to work out these feelings and to process the information of the reading can be to journal about it.

Grab a notepad or notebook and pen and write your thoughts about the reading and how it affected you positively, negatively or anything else that it has caused you to think about.

Journaling after a reading can bring healing and inspiration to work out unresolved feelings or issues that may have been brought up during the reading. A flood of ideas may come to you, so writing them down could be useful later on.

Journaling can also be a form of self-therapy; no one else has to see your written entries if you choose to keep them private.

  • Review it later, much later: If a few months or even a year has passed since the reading, you may want to review it again to see what has changed since then.

Is the situation or question that the reading was about very different now than it was back then? If you journaled an entry on the reading, you can review it at this time after reading or listen to the reading and see what is different between now and then.

A few months or even a year after the reading, more information may make sense at that time than it did previously, particularly if there were predictive elements in the reading. Having an audio or written tarot reading can act like documented evidence to support your outcomes or events.

If you had a reading to see about the outcome of a situation and you decided you wanted to change the outcome by altering the course of action, you can see if you were successful in doing so or if the outcome remained the same.

It can be easy to forget the minor details of a tarot reading done months or years ago; reviewing it again later can be beneficial, even enlightening.

Whether you prefer written email tarot readings or audio tarot readings, having the option to come back to the reading as many times as you’d like, whenever you’d like is rewarding in itself.

Tarot readings in written or audio format can be beneficial for years and years to come.

Information provided in a reading can give you advice whenever you need it, whether it be days, weeks or months, even years after the date of the reading.

These types of written or audio tarot readings can become a resource to gain knowledge again and again.

If you’re interested in a reading for yourself, please visit my Etsy shop for available tarot and oracle readings.

Lots of #puglove,

Card images from Rider Waite Tarot ©1971 by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.
Design in Canva.

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