Card of the Week: October 16-22 2016 – Eight of Coins


Creativity, artistry and skills may be focused on this week; it could be an opportune time to work on your “craft”, that which you enjoy working on, studying, learning or practising.

Whatever it is that you are working on or studying will require extra effort and concentration. This will be the time to give it your full attention to detail as this may come back as a reflection of yourself and your work/study habits.

If you are just starting to learn something, whether a skill or trade, this will be an ideal week to become fully involved and devoted to what you are learning. It will require patience, especially to be patient with yourself. Mastery doesn’t come easy or quickly and can take years to perfect it.

Take your time to perfect each step carefully and know that you have given it your best effort.

It will be important this week to do each task well and thoroughly, even though some things may be tedious, boring and repetitive; however, it will be important to do these tasks well to avoid having to re-do them later. Quality over quantity will be key for the week.

It may take longer to get things done and in a world where society expects things almost instantly, it will be better to let others know that it may take longer to get things done, but that you prefer to have them done well rather than badly.

So practice your “craft”, whatever it may be.

It could be writing, drawing, designing, something esoteric or metaphysical in nature. It could be your profession or job that you have new skills to learn or want to improve. The tasks may be repetitive and tedious, but have a competition with yourself to see how much you can do and how well you can do it.

Have a great week ahead!

Much #puglove,
Stacey & the Tarot Pugs

Card image from Black Cats Tarot ©2013 by Lo Scarabeo.
Designed in Canva.


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