Weekend Card: October 14-16 2016 – Three of Pentacles


Full Moon is in Aries on Sunday, October 16 2016.

This weekend may centre around employment or working out fine or last minute details, even preparations. This may mean collaborating with others or seeking opinions about something that you may be working on. Matters concerning work such as presentations, budgets, evaluations and interviews may be of concern. If you are a student, this may also mean getting any tutoring or extra assistance in preparation for exams or tests.

The weekend may also focus on improvements and renovations which could mean getting any repairs done on a residence or home. It could also imply self-improvement and working on training/skills or seeking the expertise from someone else.

Although the weekend is a time to unwind for many, this weekend may mean more work is needed although it can mean at a more relaxed pace and going over details more carefully.

The downtime over the weekend can be an opportune time to practice perfecting skills and any training needed at your own pace to advance yourself in the future. It could also be a good time to work on any artistic and creative pursuits such as sculpting, writing, painting or even cooking and baking that require extra attention to minor details.

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!

Much #puglove,
Stacey & the Tarot Pugs



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