Card of the Week: September 18-24 2016 – Seven of Cups Reversed


This week’s card is from the Tarot of the Cat People by U.S. Games, Inc., an interesting deck connecting to a world of people and cats.

We may find some clarity to a problem or situation in which confusion may be lifted. A goal may be nearly attained and we may figure out how to proceed next and what those next steps may be. This may mean finally putting plans into action now that there is direction.

Something may become more clear and understood after uncertainty about things that may have seemed illusory. A dilemma or situation may finally be resolved or come close to a resolution.

There may also be resistance to certain temptations that could stray you from your intended path or reaching your goals, however with clear thinking and determination, these temptations can likely be avoided.

This could imply foregoing immediate and temporary indulgences in exchange for striving for omething more tangible with longer lasting rewards. This can also mean making intelligent decisions with new perspectives and clarity.

Have a great week!

Much #puglove,

Stacey & the Tarot Pugs

Card image from Tarot of the Cat People ©1984,2004 by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

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