Weekend Card: September 16-18 2016 – Death


The weekend may bring an energy that may have been felt throughout the week or leading up to the weekend about feeling a time for change. To let go of ideas, habits or ways of doing things that no longer serve the higher self or a purpose.

A sense of transformation and transitioning allowing things to fall away and decay naturally.

This could be something that is unavoidable even though there may have been resistance to these changes, they may finally be accepted or realised that it may be for the better or it may be bringing something new with it.

Opportunity for Transformation

This weekend may be an opportune time to re-evaluate aspects of work and life to see if there are any adjustments that can be made in order to bring new positive influences and changes for the better.

As the season is beginning to change and soon the wheel of the year will start over again, it may be time to reassess and see what improvements or changes can be made from what is no longer “working” in your favour.

Sometimes we become accustomed to things being a certain way and can never get off the proverbial “wheel” to make things different or improved.

It can take a dramatic change or an epiphany (like the Tower or Judgement or Hanged Man), but sometimes the cycle naturally comes to an end and we realise that with a new day, we can start a new way of thinking, acting, working or doing.

A natural event or phase in our lives, a big or small adjustment, something new.

Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon in Pisces

The seasons are beginning to change and the autumnal equinox is next week, while on Friday, September 16 2016, there is a lunar eclipse and full moon in Pisces. The lunar eclipse will be at 2:54 pm EDT and the full moon at 3:05 pm EDT.

Working on intuition, psychic abilities, dreams and nostalgia may be beneficial at this time in addition to the usual workings of full moons/lunar eclipses.

This also marks the Harvest Moon. This weekend may be a good time to check out your local farmers’ market for some autumn favourites to either eat or decorate your home and/or altar space.

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!

Stacey & the Tarot Pugs

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