Weekend Card: Three of Pentacles


It’s finally the weekend!

For many, last Monday was Labour Day which mean that some people had the day off as a holiday. However, even though for many in North America this was a short week, that usually translates as a long week with lots to do in a shorter work week. Thankfully, the weekend is finally here again!

This week, I took a little bit of time to relax and spend time with my husband and pugs. Just a small break in the evening to enjoy a movie (Wayne’s World) and unplug for a couple of hours. Much needed! But, then i need to get back to working.

I’m trying to learn the lessons of the Nine of Pentacles and enjoy what I currently have and all the work that I’ve done.

Taking time to enjoy your surroundings and environment, to “stop and smell the roses”, can do wonders for the body and soul.

If you missed my recent post on work and life balance with the perspective of the Nine of Pentacles, you can catch up on that post here.

Small Postponement

I was planning to do more here with TarotPugs, but this may have to wait until Mercury goes direct again and is out of the shadow period. Seems like Mercury gets blamed for a lot, doesn’t it?

I hope you’ll stay tuned with what else that may be in store. Mercury retrograde really teaches patience, which it’s difficult for me to remain where I am and stay patient until the right time. All in good time though, I promise!

Weekend Card: Three of Pentacles

Although the weekend is here, there may be more work to do. What are your plans for the future that you are building today? These plans may be the foundation for the future.

This could be a weekend to work on projects that are artistic or creative, or possibly even working on self-improvement to sculpt your inner self. It could also imply renovations that are needing to be done over the weekend.

There may be more work to do this weekend, putting things into action or getting the blueprints ready for future plans. This could mark a collaboration and/or undertakings that could become successful. However, keep in mind that small expenses could also add up and “chip away” at your savings, earnings or wallet if not cautious. All too easy to spend when it comes to the weekend (at least it is for myself!)

The Pugs and I wish everyone a happy and wonderful weekend!

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