Work / Life Balance with the Nine of Pentacles

Work Life Balance with the Nine of Pentacles TarotPugs

This summer has been quite a busy and productive month with more to happen in the next few weeks. 

However, there comes a time when you need to step back for a few hours and take a look around. My full time work and the tarot business have taken up a majority of my time that it became clockwork – that I was always “on the clock”.
When would it OK for me to step back without getting to the point of burnout?

If not today or now, then when?

So during the Labour Day weekend, I finally took a step back. I’ve seen other people take some time for themselves and instinctively I felt the need to not grab my phone every time it beeped or notified me (if only for an hour or two.)

Taking A Much Needed Mini-Break

I did what I needed to do in advance which took a lot of late nights, which has turned me into a night owl over the weekends; working all day and then all night. 

Yet, I still managed to take the time to actually do something for myself. (I highly recommend it for everyone.)

I spent some quality time with the pugs who really needed some extra TLC (besides walks, food and treats.) 

I sat and watched a movie from start to finish without checking my phone (even though it felt like guilt not immediately checking it.) 

The pugs got their one-on-one attention and affection, uninterrupted. It was what they and myself needed.

As much as I needed to take a small break, I can’t stay disconnected for long.

 It’s finding the right balance and the right amount of time to dedicate to each task without overexerting myself on each one.

I’m always thinking of what to do next, what to plan next, what has to be done tomorrow and during the month, but at the same time, need to realise what’s around myself currently – or else one day I may miss something that was once there.

However, only after a few hours of “stepping back”, I feel much better to try to restructure, reorganise and find better ways to get what I need to do done without committing hours upon hours on the same tasks. 

(Thank you Virgo season and a bit of Mercury retrograde to slow things down.)

TarotPugs Term ethics

A Reminder to be Mindful

I placed the Nine of Pentacles on my altar as a reminder to take the time for recreational activities that don’t always have to be work related and to actually enjoy what I have accomplished so far in order to appreciate it.

The woman on the Nine of Pentacles can actually enjoy her garden. The work has been done and she can admire it. 

Have you been able to admire your work and your garden? 

Do you take time for your pets, your loved ones, family and friends?

The snail at the bottom of the card in the Rider Waite Smith card shows that everything has slowed down to a crawl, “a snail’s pace”, and we can enjoy the moment. 

The hard work has been done and we can now take a few moments to reassess our crops, our work and progress.

It’s about giving ourselves permission to do so.

It’s similar to making wine. 

Taking note of the grapes on the Rider Waite Smith’s Nine of Pentacles, all the hard work to grow the grapes, ferment the grapes, and waiting for the right time to drink the batch. 

However, for a wine grower, just because one batch is fermenting, doesn’t mean the work stops there.

There’s always something more to do.

Yet, when that first batch of wine is ready, you can take a few moments and enjoy that batch of wine and all the hard work that has gone into it. 

Work will continue after that batch is enjoyed, but still there can be a moment to savour the hard work that has gone into it. 

(Anyone up for wine-making now?)

Nine of Pentacles 1 TarotPug

Sometimes we get too caught up in our next acquisition that we forget what we already have. 

We want instant gratification, that patience really is a virtue, that we always want to know what’s next and what we can get next.

There’s nothing wrong with ambition and drive; qualities that inspire and motivate others and themselves to get what they desire and set out to achieve.

However, if we become too focused on the acquisition, the thrill of accomplishment and not the “prize” itself, we will always be seeking the next thing on our list, rather than enjoying what we have already gained.

So, this past weekend, I took a few moments during my day to reflect and be in the moment. 

I looked at the clear blue sky and noted that there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. I made note that it was cooler in the shade and the wind was just right.

Usually when I’m outside it’s only to get to one place or another, but I haven’t had the time or mindset to actually appreciate the environment around me. To enjoy the ride to work or to the store and take in the scenery.

Nine of Pentacles TarotPug 2

Take Time to Balance Work & Life

If you find yourself too caught up in what you have to do now and next, take a much needed break if you need it. 

If it’s setting a timer for an hour to take a nap, read a book, watch a TV show, then by all means. 

If you’ve done what you needed to get done for the week or a few days, reward yourself with a break rather than immediately jumping to the next thing.

Work will never end. It will always be there. 

However, our time with others is limited and sometimes not for as long as we wish. 

Give yourself permission to rest, relax and renew. 

Meditate, do a spell, ritual, read a book (non-work related) even just for an hour or evening.

The motivation to work will come back afterwards. And when it does, you’ll be renewed and ready.


Stacey & the Tarot Pugs 

Card images from Rider Waite Tarot ©1971 by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

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