Card of the Week: September 4-10 2016 – The Hierophant

Card of the Week The Hierophant

This week may be about following rules and conformity, but will it be easier said than done? What may be asked of you to follow or comply this week?

If you are normally the type of person who is more like The Fool who marches to the beat of his/her own drum, this may be a tougher week to have to try to conform and comply with what is asked of you.

Inside the Box

This could be from an organisation or even work that may request to follow the rules or procedures, even though you may be the type who prefers to “think outside the box”. The Hierophant suggests that there can be something gained or learned from following the examples set previously.

There may be a sense of wanting to fit in or belong and the need to have to comply and abide in order to do so. This could be fitting in with the atmosphere at an organisation, company or educational institution where there is a type of “environment”.


Higher education or learning may have importance this week, which many schools are beginning classes this week or are getting into the schedule/routine for the new school year.

The keys at the feet of The Hierophant may help to unlock that which you are looking for – the key to your purpose or education that may fit the lock – to unlock further understanding and knowledge through education.


There may be long standing tradition and rites that have been passed down in organisations and societies that could also have significance this week, such as attending an educational institution with a rich history of academics or work in a company with tradition and history.

The Hierophant suggests following the rules may be in our interests this week and something can be learned from it whether about the organisation, knowledge or even about ourselves and our limitations or comfort zones.

Have a great week ahead!

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