Welcome September! Updates, September Reading Offer & Weekend Card

Weekend Card Two of Swords Reversed

It’s finally the weekend! It’s been a long, busy week, but I’m so thankful that September has arrived.

I’ve had to put my daily post on Mondays for “Monday Motivation” on hold for now since daily life is getting busier and with future plans in store for TarotPugs starting to take hold. Weekly and monthly cards will still be posted first on Friday evenings and Saturday evenings and throughout the weekend and the week. Please stay tuned for more things that are coming and being announced.

I’m so grateful that it’s now September, which is really my optimal month. I love the autumn and September always been a month full of promise and potential – even more so than January 1! September was always the month that, where we lived, school began and that was always a month to set new goals and habits, get new clothes, new books, meet new friends, new classes, new activities and the weather was finally comfortable again with the leaves starting to change ever so slightly.

In the recent years, September until December are always the best months to take the pugs for walks. The evenings are cooler and they can wear cute sweaters (which my husband hates that I dress them up!), but I love that they can go on longer walks and wear sweaters without the risk of overheating due to the heat and weather.

Card of the Month Eight of Pentacles

If you missed this month’s card, you can have a look at it here. A look ahead for September and the astrological calendar for the month.

This week, Rocky & Rosie won one of  the weekly contests hosted by the OSPCA (Ontario SPCA) for their #nohotpets campaign on Twitter! To enter the contest and possibl win a prize for you and your pup, send a tweet with the hashtag #nohotpets to enter. You can take the pledge on the OSPCA website No Hot Pets to pledge that you won’t leave your pets in hot cars, which you’ll receive a window decal and pamphlets in the mail to hand out to spread the message. Summer may soon be over, but there can still be some unexpected hot days between now and October. Let’s keep our fur babies safe!

September Birthday Sale25% off All ReadingsEnter Code- SEPTEMBER25www.tarotpugs.com%2Freadings

This month is also my birthday month, so I’m offering 25% all readings in the Etsy shop for the month of September. Enter Code: SEPTEMBER25 to redeem 25% off!

Weekend Card: Two of Swords Reversed

There could be choices needing to be made this weekend and it could come to the point that sitting on the fence isn’t an option anyone. The decision to choose one thing or another may be made clearer by new information that could come to light. Knowing who you can trust and rely on may also become more clear by circumstances. These could still be tough issues to deal with and it could feel like a tug-of-war of emotions and feelings, but something may need action to finally move ahead with something.

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!

2 thoughts on “Welcome September! Updates, September Reading Offer & Weekend Card

  1. apuginthekitchen says:

    I’m with you, September and October are my optimum months, I love the Fall I feel invigorated and it feels as though a cloud has lifted. Congrats on winning the contest, how could they not win, they are both so adorable and pugs and heat don’t mix. Percy will be so happy to have cooler weather. Have a great weekend.

    Liked by 1 person

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