Cancelled Roadtrip & Four of Pentacles Weekend

Weekend Card Four of Pentacles TarotPugs

It’s the weekend! This was a long, but short week for the pugs and family. In the middle of the week, we planned to visit family and the family cemetery plot, but it didn’t work out as planned.

That morning of the trip, I drew The Chariot reversed as my daily card. I thought it was synchronistic to get The Chariot on a day that we were having a road trip, but was worried that it was reversed meaning trouble. I thought perhaps that I hadn’t shuffled the cards as I normally do, perhaps it was reversed by accident. We continued to pack everything up and get the pugs ready for our trip.

On the way to and from the car, I found three feathers and I took that as a sign that someone was trying to get my attention, but we continued getting ready. We loaded up the car and headed out. About 10 minutes into the trip, I realised that I forgot my medication so we had to turn back. After getting my medication, another 10 minutes later, Rosie got sick in the car and didn’t look like she was feeling well.

This felt like it was the final warning.

By now, something was really trying to get our attention. I phoned my dad from the car on our way back saying that we had to turn around and cancel in order to get Rosie home as soon as possible.

Thankfully, Rosie was feeling better once she got home and Rocky was also feeling relieved to be home as well. We were only gone for a total of maybe 30 minutes away from home, but this trip was a no-go.

Lesson learned: Listen to The Chariot reversed when planning a road trip. Listen to signs that come your way when planning a trip.

My husband said later that he had a feeling that morning, but pushed it aside. I got The Chariot reversed and also pushed it aside. It took Rosie getting sick to really get our attention and head home. Rosie’s health was something we weren’t taking any chances on and this forced us to turn around.

Rosie’s feeling better and Rocky’s happy to be home again – even though it was only 30 minutes in the car. We feel disappointed that we couldn’t make this visit that we’ve planned for months, but we weren’t going to take the risk. Perhaps another day, another time.

We can only imagine if something may have been prevented while on the highway going to visit family or whatnot, but we can only be thankful now that Rosie (and all of us) are safe.

Weekend Card: Four of Pentacles

This weekend may be about maintaining a sense of security and holding on to what is had. This can mean focusing on savings and retirement or future plans to maintain financial security. Focus may be on maintaining a certain standard of living may be a priority or trying to build something up more.

If focusing on what you can maintain and save, remember to not cut yourself off from other resources or insights that may also be of assistance.

Too much focus on material security can cut ourselves off from feeling connected to others emotionally and can leave us spiritually disconnected.

Make time for relationships in the midst of planning for the future financially and also know that it’s OK to lessen our grip (just a bit) on our fear of losing what we have gained. Allow to open ourselves to give more for we can certainly receive more in return if we are willing to share our time and resources.

4 thoughts on “Cancelled Roadtrip & Four of Pentacles Weekend

  1. I am happy to hear that everything was okay in the end! I would also take the feathers as a sign. I have a tarot deck and have been learning more about how to read tarot cards so I will definitely be checking in. Thanks for the read!

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