Finally, Back to Business!

Weekend Card Page of Pentacles Tarot Pugs

Oh. My. Pug.

What a week it has been since the last week. I regret having to take a few days away from the blog, cut back social media and the daily posts, especially having to take a pause from my Etsy page.

The few days after my physiotherapy session seemed to make my condition a lot worse and I didn’t want to disappoint anyone with readings that weren’t up to what they should be.

Everyone says that my pain will get worse before it gets better and now that I’m recovering slowly, I really, really don’t want to go through it again.

However, it might get easier the more I continue with physio, so I have to give it a few more tries before I can really tell if the treatment is doing any benefit at all.

The physiotherapy is targeted to treat my femoral acetabular impingement (in both hips), but the sudden physical movements and exercise triggered a painful fibromyalgia flare-up. Add on top that it’s the middle of summer, which weather/barometric pressure affects my pain levels, it became too much at once. After five years of chronic pain, I’m accustomed to a certain level of pain on regular daily basis that comes and goes, which I’ve learned to manage and live with.

However, this kind of pain was something that I haven’t experienced in a couple of years or so and forced me to take a break for a while to do just the minimum of everything and slowly work my way back up to my normal routine. I hated making the decision to put the Etsy shop on hold, but I didn’t want to make any commitments or promises, not knowing how long it would take to recover. I was just dying to get moving again.

As much as the pain may make me take a break for a few days, it’s always important to keep trying to move forward. A couple of days of rest to recover and then I’m back at it trying to keep busy enough to be productive.

Now, I’m happy to write that my Etsy page is up earlier than I expected and ready for this weekend. Thank you so much everyone for your patience and understanding. To try to prevent such a disruption in my services again, I’ll be working with my health team to adjust treatments. Believe me, I can’t tolerate to go though this again!

Weekend Card: Page of Pentacles

The Page of Pentacles can hint at getting back to studies, work, even spirituality and how it is connected to the everyday world. Keep your eyes on the prize and follow your visions, instincts and intuition when it comes to finances, work, industry and other ventures.

This could be just the beginning stages of something new or ongoing, but it can build the foundation for what may come.

This weekend could also simply mean taking time to read or study and getting back into a routine after a break.

This could mean finding the motivation and energy to continue with these studies or work. A renewed sense of eagerness and energy to get projects underway.

Like gazing into a crystal ball, the Page looks into his pentacle. What do you see in your foreseeable future for yourself? What plans do you want to undertake this weekend or next week?

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!

#puglove from the Tarot Pugs & me ♥

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