A Week of Exhaustion, Recovery & Nine of Wands Weekend


TarotPugs (4)

Thank Pug it’s the weekend!

It’s been crazy busy over here with a full time job, starting my Etsy page TarotPugs and of course, running the TarotPugs household with two pugs, a cat and a husband. Last Sunday was nearly a breaking point and I started to physically come down with something, and heck no, I was not about to let it take me down when I needed to keep going, especially with this week.

So, that’s when I grabbed my Radiant Rider Waite deck that I’ve been using for spell work, notably The Star card (for health) and set a white tea light candle with cedarwood incense next to it. I wasn’t in any shape or form to put my full attention since my energy was nearly depleted and all last week chronic pain had been really bothersome due to the extreme heatwave.

I set the tarot card, candle and incense on my living room altar where I could see it and kept it as a focal point. I can clearly see it from sitting on the sofa and the smell of the incense filled the room. Before my husband left for work, he told me to put everything else away and go to bed early that Sunday night. I’m pretty good at telling others this advice and like many, we fail to heed our own advice.

At 9 pm, I put everything away and re-watched the first episode of Game of Thrones to time one hour until 10 pm and then I would know it was time for bed. I was feeling pretty congested and my breathing was shallow like I was coming down with a cold and I just couldn’t let that happen. When I get sick with a common cold, it can take 10 or more days for me to fully recover. So,  I thought to myself:

“Ain’t nobody got time for that.”

I opened up my e-book version of “The Crystal Bible” by Judy Hall and found that fluorite is good at treating colds, so I slept with my small fluorite tower/point under my pillow. The next morning, I felt better in that I didn’t have the cold symptoms, but still nonetheless was a bit tired. I had become quite forgetful the whole weekend, misplacing my phone in the house, forgetting why I was in a room, etc., mostly all due to stress.

We’ve all had moments like these and sometimes sleep is what we really need.

So, after a couple of weeks of stress, it’s time to “de-stress” and slow down. Many of us need to.

Last weekend’s card was The Empress and I didn’t really heed that advice until Sunday night when I forcibly had to take care of myself.

Now, it’s time to step back a bit for a breather. Life’s a marathon, not a sprint.

Weekend Card (1)

Weekend Card: Nine of Wands

If you’ve been feeling beat-up over something this past week or lately, you may have your guard up; however, it doesn’t mean it has put a damper on your weekend. This may mean to spend time recovering and regathering your strength and resources in order to heal. This may mean to take a rest from all the action and work that has been happening and take time to reassess and take stock or inventory.

Mental health is just as important as physical health and stress may be taking its toll, so adequate rest and breaks may be needed. Taking time this weekend to really decompress and rest may be important, so you can be ready for the following week. This could also mean anticipating something which could work yourself up in a frenzy, worried or defensive state; taking a step back to centre and calm yourself may be needed.

May you have a restful weekend with lots of sun, fun and getting to do all the things you’ve put off during the week. Lots of #pughugs to anyone who needs it!♥

Card image from Rider Waite Tarot ©1971 by U.S. Games Systems, Inc. 

4 thoughts on “A Week of Exhaustion, Recovery & Nine of Wands Weekend

  1. Hope you feel better asap. I’m stressed out a lot seeing and helping my mum who’s terminally ill. It’s not that long ago since my Dad sadly passed, so it is a difficult situation and could do with a holiday in Cornwall at some point!


    • Sorry to hear that. I think a theme this summer for many is self-care so we are then able to care for others well enough. But we feel guilty taking time for ourselves to recover. Hope you find some time for yourself this weekend. ♡


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