Card of the Week: July 3-9 2016 – Six of Cups Reversed

TarotPugs (1)

This week may centre around looking towards the future and not dwelling on the past any longer than necessary. There may be events from the past that could be difficult to let go and move on from, whether looking towards the past or towards the future, there may be difficulty staying in the present moment.

If revisiting places from the past, it may be that places steeped in nostalgia may not appear as they do in memories.

Time changes everything.

This could also mean doing inner child work and healing from the childhood or events from the past, perhaps with meditation, therapy, inner work or even cord-cutting.

Although this could be a sensitive week in regards to the past or looking towards the future, this could be a week to take care of things that can be looked after in the present in order to benefit from it in the future.

Have a wonderful week!

Card image from Rider Waite Tarot ©1971 by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

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