Monday Motivation: June 27 2016 – Death

Monday Motivation

Death can symbolise transformation and change; sometimes welcomed, sometimes feared. The card for this week is the Four of Pentacles reversed, which suggests being able to lessen our grip on something that we may be holding on too tightly.

Death can be viewed as a change from one form into another since in physics the law conservation of energy is that energy can’t be created nor destroyed, it can only transform into one form or another. Since everything in the universe is made of energy, including animals and humans (even thoughts), there is no “death” – only a change of one form into another.

Death for today’s card shows in combination with the Four of Pentacles reversed that change and transformation may come from welcoming this new way of thinking and/or being, allowing for these changes to happen. Do you feel that a transformation can take place if you release something that is old or no longer serving a purpose, or that perhaps a chapter is ready to be closed or is just starting? Looking towards the sun in the card, do you see the sun rising or setting on something in your life?

What changes do you feel the need to make today for this week? What transformations lie ahead?

Have a great Monday and week ahead!

Card image from Rider Waite Tarot ©1971 by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

2 thoughts on “Monday Motivation: June 27 2016 – Death

  1. I’m in a quandary right now where nothing is going right at all. I am looking for a new chapter in my life, but have so many things going on within my circumstances, as a lone parent and carer for my mother, I am seeking a positive change, as things have lay dormant for years. I hope something comes up.


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