Thank Pug It’s Friday! What are your Weekend Plans?

Thankfully it’s the weekend! This week has been a hectic week to say the least. The Summer Solstice and the Full Moon all coincided on the same day making the beginning of the week quite intense. I just wanted to stay indoors or just be in my backyard with the pugs, only communicate by email and social media and avoid everything else and of course, keep a lot of smoky quartz and obsidian crystals around me.

This week, I began physiotherapy which I’ve known that I needed to start therapy for a couple of years now, but never really decided to commit to it. When it finally came down that for my health as a last resort before any major decisions health-wise could be made, I needed to give it a try to see if it will make any difference in improving my overall health and mobility. It’s a commitment that I’ll need to stick with. In addition to physiotherapy, I found compression wear that rivals the leading brand in copper infused compression clothing. This brand is called Copper 88 and more can be found on their website. I’m not sure if this is only found in Canada, but I’ve always wanted to try these kind of copper infused compression clothing without having to order it online. I purchased the compression shorts for my hip problems and look forward to trying to get the compression t-shirt to help with my back pain. It’s definitely worth a try and it helps even more so that the shorts are actually quite comfortable!

As for my weekend plans, mostly tarot, oracle cards, coffee and pugs. I’ll be spending the weekend getting some errands done, hopefully be able to get a new candle or scent from Yankee Candle and hopefully get some writing done. Now that the stress and excitement of the summer solstice and full moon is over, settling into the Cancer season, hopefully some great intuitive stuff will begin to surface even more.

As a small change to TarotPugs, I’ve decided to do a card for the weekend instead of posting Friday’s card in the morning as seen below. On Saturday evening, I’ll post the card for next week June 26-July 2 2016. Next month is approaching soon, so stay tuned for next month’s card late next week!

Weekend Card: The Lovers


WeekendCardTheLovers (1)

Love is in the air this weekend! This could also mean collaborations, get-togethers, meetings or arrangements in which co-operation may be needed for a project or event. This weekend could centre around relationships and love, but also love for something. If this weekend is all about work, it could mean doing something you love and putting all your effort into it to create something from that love. This may also be a reminder to make time for personal relationships if you feel certain relationships haven’t received enough attention this week. This may also be time to reassess your personal values; what is important to you and what you personally desire or want, this may give way to prioritizing your time next week to find time for what you value most.

Hope everyone had a fantastic Friday and has a wonderful weekend!

Card image from Rider Waite Tarot ©1971 by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

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