Spirit Messages, Signs & Cartomancy

Spirit Messages,Signs,& Cartomancy

Tarot can be used to help get more information from a spirt that is trying to connect.

When using any kind of cards to connect with Spirit, watch for patterns in the cards and even cards that “jump” out of the deck while shuffling.

Using determined questions can help with the session and sometimes not using a spread with predetermined positions can help to let the cards tell a story and be more fluid and open for interpretation.

When using tarot or other cards for readings involving spirit keep an open mind for anything that you may receive with your other senses.

This could be as mental images, words, sentences, phrases, names, places, feelings, voices, etc., that may come to mind during the reading.

Record them as much as you can by either writing them or with a voice recorder.

Sometimes the answers come hours, days or even weeks later.

Messages will sometimes not make sense upon hearing them the first time and may take hours to days to finally understand the meaning.

You may need to look up the meaning of symbols that you see or even check with a friend or relative to get clarification about any information you receive.

The Queen of Cups can be associated with psychic phenomenon, mediumship, and intuition.

When Spirit Calls from the Other Side

Let’s face it, life on this Earth is hectic.

From the time we get up in the morning until we go to bed, there’s always something or someone trying to get our attention and it’s usually what we can physically see that gets our attention.

For me, it’s the pugs, the cat, full time work, my husband, side projects, appointments, errands, etc., that take up the majority of my day.

I find about an hour or so (which is sometimes broken up into about 5 minute increments because of distractions like pugs or husband demanding attention or the cat jumping on the kitchen counter or howling) or late at night on when everyone is asleep to write or do readings.

When it’s not all those things, fatigue sets in from just being blurry-eyed from staring at computer screens all day long for over 10 hours.

So, with so much going on, it’s no wonder it seems like Spirit comes knocking when it seems “inconvenient” for most of us. When else could it be? 

Some may say in dreams, but for me, it happens rarely to never at all. I like my sleep just the way it is because I need as much rest as possible!

There have been times that I’ve just had to write down a message or get out my cards because I know someone is trying to connect.

I’ll try ignoring it for maybe five minutes and it just won’t go away, a constant persistence that won’t give up.

That’s when I have to stop what I’m doing, get my tarot or oracle cards and try to get a message or I’ll grab a pen and paper and write whatever comes to mind.

So, you may be asking, “How does Spirit or our loved ones from the Other Side try to get our attention?

There are several ways that a loved one may try to connect, but here are seven examples that I’ve personally experienced:

Signs of Loved Ones Contacting from the Other Side

An aching pressure in the third eye chakra – this is an ache that will get persistently worse like a tension headache or if you furrow your brow too much.

The pressure builds more and more and won’t go away until I tune into the area of my third eye (the point just above between your eyes) and wait until I receive something clairaudiently (hearing) or clairvoyantly (seeing).

A building-up/butterfly sensation in solar plexus chakra – this is a feeling like when you have big news and you’re just “dying” to tell someone, that you just can’t hold it in any longer. It’s a feeling like an urge that you just have to tell someone something and you won’t know until you try to figure it out.

Cold / warm sensations – this is a frequent occurrence that my husband and I feel often and that can’t be contributed to drafts in our home.

The cold or warm sensations my move from one area to another, such as first felt on your left arm and then on your right. It might be a specific area that seems colder or warmer in one spot and you can feel with your hands that it is an isolated spot.

Lights flickering / burning out / turning off – on – this is another occurrence that happens often for us, but not as often as before we moved this year.

Lights may turn off, then not turn on again when you try to turn them on, but then hours later might work again. Lights can flicker off and on. Lights may turn off or on at what seems like a coincidental moment right after something is said.

Seeing an “outline” or lights / orbs / shadows – this can vary whether it is a translucent outline of a figure, sometimes only the head and shoulders are seen, maybe even facial features.

It may blur surroundings behind the figure’s outline similar to like looking through frosted glass. Sometimes lights or sparkles of lights can happen, even just seen from the corner of your eye and can sometimes be attributed to angels.

Feeling not “alone” – My husband feels this more often than I do, but when I feel this, naturally I strike up a conversation and have gotten some pretty interesting responses with and without using my cards.

One technique that I have heard is if you’re feeling threatened by any presence, you can call on Archangel Michael to assist and let the presence know you are uncomfortable.

If it is a loved one, they will likely respect your wishes because sometimes they may not realise how it makes you feel when they make their presence known.

Computer / Electronic glitches – this happened when I was connecting with a relative of my husband’s. I knew he wanted to pass on another message, while my husband was at work. I was doing my cards as normal and used tarot to confirm whom I was speaking with.

As usual, I listen to music on my laptop that sits in front of me. I felt a presence in the kitchen that faced me, then my laptop made a weird static-like sound and buzzing noise that scared the &#!% out of me.

I wasn’t amused, and kindly asked them not to do that once I realised what it was! I can laugh about it now, because I know the intention wasn’t to frighten, but nonetheless it can make me feel a bit skittish!

The Queen of Cups can often appear when matters are connected to psychic phenomenon or abilities, including spirits.

Cartomancy & Spirits

There are many ways you can connect with Spirit and your loved ones on the Other Side.

Tarot is definitely a good example that can be used as a way to open of communication to get messages and symbols.

Another form of cartomancy (divination using cards) that I like to use for mediumship is the oracle cards, “Talking to Heaven Mediumship Cards” by James Van Praagh and Doreen Virtue.

These cards offer a stepping stone and almost like an “ice-breaker” to open up conversations and to see what else can come through as a message.

The most frequent question that I ask when I select a card from this oracle deck is, “Why did you (spirit) choose this card?” and then I’ll receive an answer or elaboration in one form or another. 

If using tarot or other cards to connect with loved ones on the Other Side, some foundation and practice should be done prior to just adding cards.

Recommend reading the following books on mediumship to get started:

  • You are a Medium by Sherrie Dillard
  • Discovering the Medium Within by Anysia Kiel
  • So You Want to Be a Medium? A Down-to-Earth Guide by Rose Vanden Eynden

Once the basics are covered and some skills developed, then it’s just adding cards, right?

Adding cards to mediumship is combining the two and this way tarot or the cards can act like a “springboard” to open a further conversation or they can actually tell a story.

Truthfully, every mediumship session is unique in its own right because every person, every spirit is unique and you never fully know what to expect!

How do you feel about mediumship? Do you connect with Spirit through cards?

Do you have a preference on how to receive messages or one method further developed than the others?

Feel free to comment, I’d love to hear your experiences with the Other Side. Let me know here, Facebook or on Twitter!

If you’d like a tarot reading to receive messages from Spirit or guidance, visit the TarotPugs Shop to see available tarot reading offers.

Until next time!

Stacey &  the Tarot Pugs


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4 thoughts on “Spirit Messages, Signs & Cartomancy

  1. I use cards and runes, too. Images, words popping into my mind… I like “music-mancy ” as well. I just put my player on random and let Whomever It Is select songs to send the message. 🙂 I get those sensations at my third eye and solar plexus, too! Sometimes my crown gets in on it as well. I had a feeling it was someone trying to get through, but it’s good to hear someone else with the same sensations confirming that. Makes me think I’m nuts sometimes. Glad I’m not… Well, mostly not! 😀

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