TPIF! The Struggle & Relief of Tarot Copyright & Friday’s Card

Thank Pug It’s Friday! The weekend is nearly here and the pugs can’t wait to spend the next two days enjoying the outdoors. The pugs have been doing quite well this week and thoroughly enjoyed getting new Nylabones and treats this week!

This week has been the “good” and “bad” side of the Ten of Swords for myself personally, which can mean that as much as things may seem “bleak”, there is always a dawn on the horizon.

Many people in the Tarot community have heard about or participated in the debates and conversations about the copyright issues facing readers, bloggers and the publishing companies for Tarot/Oracle decks. This conversation and speculation particularly had me worried for days on end, wondering what was to come of the situation. With all the terminology of “fair use” and protected copyrights, permission, ownership, fees, etc., it’s enough to make anyone completely confused.

Although, I won’t go into my own specifics of interpretation or opinion here (mostly because I’m not a lawyer nor otherwise experienced in this area), other than I will say that I’m quite happy with some of the progress that has been made with regards to the situation. In particular, U.S. Games Systems, Inc.’s response can be found on their Facebook page which explains their position about sharing and posting images of their cards. Although there is some discussion and perhaps conflicting information about some other publishers, but Facebook is generally the place where much of this information is being distributed. An interesting post about this issue can be found on the Tarot Association website, which I found to be a good read.

The whole issue of copyright in the digital-age is an area that is still evolving to keep up with the times (think way back to Napster’s days!) I’m over-the-moon ecstatic about U.S. Games Systems, Inc.’s reconsideration and it shows their continued interest in their customers/colleagues/readers. I anticipate there may be more publicity reports from other publishers in the coming weeks based on inquiries from readers, bloggers, etc. Definitely something of interest if you have a curiosity for law and certainly something to stay tuned for more details.

Friday’s Card: Ace of Swords Reversed

Ace of

The phrase that comes to mind today is, “the pen is mightier than the sword.” Today may be a day that is faced with challenges, but intellect and logic will be the answer to overcome them. Using wit and cleverness to strategize and make plans. Although there may be obstacles in the way or even opposition in one form or another, trying to keep a clear head will be important to making sense of everything.


Wishing everyone a fantastic Friday and wonderful weekend!

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