Five Crystals & Tarot Cards for Creativity

Five Crystals & Tarot Cards for Creativity


If you enjoy to write or create, you can find inspiration just about anywhere and at any time (sometimes during the most inconvenient of times and especially when there’s no pen and paper around – thank goodness for smartphones!)

I read Doreen Virtue’s newest book, “The Courage to Be Creative: How to Believe in Yourself, Your Dreams, and Your Creative Career Path” which does exactly what the title says: Doreen helps to inspire to find the time to pursue creativity even when you feel like you have no time in the day to do anything outside of responsibilities and work.

I jumped at the opportunity to get this book as soon as it came out, since I loved the lead up to the release of the book and the videos that she had on her website to inspire others to allow themselves to be creative.
These crystals and cards can be used in combination or separately as a way to dig deeper and even for use in focused meditation or to inspire.

Here’s a selection of five crystals
to help get things moving creatively:


#1 – Ametrine

Ametrine is a combination of amethyst and citrine, which for some crystals of this kind gives it a purplish colour with an orange/yellow tinge. This crystal helps promote creativity, especially when trying to come up with creative solutions.

It can release emotional blockages, which may be holding you back and preventing the flow of creativity. Ametrine instills optimism and assists to maintain your well-being so as to not be affected by external disturbances or disruptions.


#2 – Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is commonly associated with the throat chakra, which is connected to communication in many forms. This deep blue coloured crystal with flecks of gold is also known for its connection to intuition and the third eye.

Lapis Lazuli bridges the throat chakra and third eye to connect and combines the two, so that what you see clairvoyantly can be accurately communicated.

This stone also promotes self-expression, allowing you to express your opinions. If you’re attuning to write honestly about an experience, this stone may assist and also bring forth objectivity and clarity.


#3 – Carnelian

Carnelian really gets the inner fire of creativity moving. It’s variety of red colours are vibrant and stimulating, which can promote vitality and motivation.

If you’re trying to move forward with a project or idea, Carnelian can promote positive life choices, removing apathy (bye-bye Four of Cups) and give the motivation needed to fuel that creative fire. Carnelian helps to sharpen concentration and dispel lethargy.


#4 – Bloodstone

Here’s another crystal to really get the blood and creativity flowing. Bloodstone (also known as Heliotrope) is a green quartz flecked with red or yellow jasper, giving the appearance of little “drops” of blood in it.

Known best as a blood cleanser and a healing stone, it can also heighten intuition + creativity. Bloodstone can stimulate dreaming in which ideas or flights of imagination may take off during sleep.

It can also lift confusion and revitalise the mind, which works well if you’re trying to work on a creative project or have deadlines to meet. Bloodstone brings you into the present moment and aids in bringing spirituality into everyday life, which could be incorporated into creative pursuits.


#5 – Celestite

Celestite is known as a teacher for the New Age, infused with divine energy.  It is also a creative stone, useful for the arts and combining them with spirituality.

This is a stone that can bring balance and enlightenment, assist in conflict resolution and maintain harmony (all good things to create an atmosphere for less stress and more inspiration.)

It’s also helpful to calm the mind from worries, instilling mental clarity and helping with communication. Celestite helps to utilize the intellect and instinct to create balance between the two.

Ready for a selection of Tarot cards to help inspire for more creativity?


Tarot for
Here are my five choice Tarot cards
for inspiration, spells and meditation to be more creative:

#1 – The Fool

When you see The Fool in the Rider Waite Smith deck, one can’t help to wonder: Who is he? Why is he at a cliff? Whose dog is that? What’s in the bundle? Where is he going? Where did he come from? The beginning might have no beginning and there may be no end either.

The Fool travels like a vagabond with endless stories to tell and endless possibilities before him. When it comes to creativity, the feelings that The Fool can evoke can be uplifting, inspiring with the thought of anything being possible before you.

Like Alice going down the rabbit hole, what awaits if The Fool steps off that cliff? What will your imagination come up with?


#2 – The High Priestess

The High Priestess is shrouded in mystery and esoteric knowledge and wisdom. If only we could take a peek at the scroll that she partially hides in her sleeve. What would it reveal? What does the High Priestess encourage you to take on? Perhaps researching something can bring an idea in a new direction or to build on something from before.

The concept of duality, yet remaining in the middle intrigues. What else does the High Priestess provoke? What else lies behind the curtain? Is it merely water or what lies in our unconsciousness? Studying the High Priestess becomes a study of ourselves and what lies in our unconscious minds and the mysteries to learn, unfold and reveal.


#3 – The Hermit

Seclusion away from the outside noise and hustle and bustle of it all. Withdrawing inward allows us to really get to the core of ourselves and who we are and what we desire to know. A writer’s dream would be to be somewhere in an exotic location, where inspiration is all around, with nothing more than a laptop, pen and paper.

If we can’t get away, then there’s no other choice than to go within. Inspiration can be found from within from our own feelings and experiences to bring forth creative ideas and pursuits. The Hermit lights the way just enough to see where we are going, it’s up to us to find the directions.


#4 – The Moon

The Moon reflects the light directed at it by the Sun, what does the Moon reflect back to you? Like the crayfish that emerges from the waters of the subconscious, what emerges from yours? A path leads to the mountain home of the Hermit or is it that the Hermit has lead you to these waters?

The tame dog and wild wolf howl at the Moon, what’s barking from within you? Is there a story or idea simmering below the surface waiting for a chance to see the moonlight? What awaits to come forward? The Moon poses all these question that with some journaling or meditation can be answered on your own in good time.


#5 – Queen of Cups

The Queen of Cups is known as an intuitive, psychic woman. She trusts her deepest feelings and thoughts. Her gown blends into the waters at her feet, melding with it. She is known to be creative.

What exactly is held in her ornate, elaborate covered cup? Water is commonly associated with fluidity and creativity, emotions, feelings and intuition. Like the Moon’s waters and the water at the feet of the Queen of Cups, what lies beneath your surface waiting to come up?

As the Queen is focused meditatively and intently on her covered cup, what draws your focus and attention when it comes to what you wish to create? What inspires you? What feelings emerge when you wish to create something? What’s the foundation of it?


I hope these crystal and tarot inspirations and meditative ideas help spark some creative ideas to keep you going and your pursuits.  Keep a journal and pen, laptop or smartphone nearby because you’ll never know when that next great idea might come up!

Stacey & the Tarot Pugs

Card image of Rider Waite Tarot ©1971
by U.S. Games Systems, Inc. All rights reserved.
Designed in Canva.

3 thoughts on “Five Crystals & Tarot Cards for Creativity

  1. Awesome post. I’ve been wanting that book O_O Well, that book *and* some ametrine 🙂

    I would have thought of The Fool and The Hermit, but not the other cards, so definitely thank you for sharing.

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