Feelings of Limitations Spread


Most of the time, we are our own barriers and blockages to the success we want and desire. Sometimes there can be external limitations, but often we place our own barriers that limit ourselves from our goals. Thoughts can frequently come up such as, “I’m not good enough,” “I couldn’t possibly do that,” or “what if I fail?” Sometimes we shoot down our own ideas before we have a chance even to try. We can be afraid of what success might bring, which isn’t uncommon to feel that.

However, sometimes we can’t exactly put what we feel our limitations might be. All we have is a feeling, but it’s difficult to put into words what exactly that fear or limitation is. You might feel anxiety when thinking of a new idea or project, but unsure why. You might have mixed feelings of excitement and fear at the same time, but can’t articulate it.

I’ve noticed that tarot reflects feelings accurately. There’s been times when I’ve been shuffling my cards, my mind is clear and focused on my intended subject and question for myself and then something distracts me. It might be a feeling that pops up that makes me feel frustrated, such as a memory of something that recently happened. A card might jump out or I turn over a card and it doesn’t even connect to what my original question was. Immediately, I identify it with what I was feeling at the moment while I was shuffling. Ironically, Temperance usually pops up as a reminder to stay balanced.

Here is a spread that I’ve come up with that uses feelings as the “question”. This method can be used for any type of feeling or situation, but in this case of this spread, I’ve used the feelings of limitations in any area of life or a situation, and what is hoped for the outcome and how to overcome the feelings.


feelings of limitations spread design

Card 1: What I hope to feel or achieve out of this situation/area of life

Cards 2 – 4: What describes my feelings of limitations?

Card 5: How can I overcome these limitations/feelings?


Card 1: For the first card, focus on your feelings of what you want to feel like. If you didn’t have this feeling of limitation, how would you feel? If this problem or situation would disappear today, what would it feel like afterwards? Focus intently on how it would make you feel. Happy? Calm? Relieved? Focus on the feeling that you want to feel as you shuffle the cards as you normally do. Then choose one card and place it in position 1.

Cards 2 – 4: For cards 2 to 4, focus on how you currently feel about what is limiting you or holding you back. Do you have anxiety or feel trapped? Confused? Sad or angry? Focus on what feelings are preventing you from achieving what you desire. Shuffle the cards again as you normally do and focus on these feelings. Then choose three cards and place them respectively in positions 2 to 4. These three cards are read together to express your feelings of what is limiting you or holding you back.

Cards 5: For the fifth card, this time you will ask the question, “How can I overcome these limitations/feelings?” Shuffle the cards as you normally do while focusing on this question. When you are ready, choose one card and place it in position 5.

There we have it – a spread to help describe how you want to feel, to help articulate how you are feeling about limitations and how to overcome them. I have used this technique and spread myself and was quite impressed with what I got. I hope you find this helpful in overcoming your own feelings of limitations or even self-doubt.

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