Card of the Week: May 8-14 2016 – Six of Cups


You may begin to feel a bit nostalgic this week, thinking about fond memories or days gone by. This could mean visiting old stomping grounds or someone from your past visiting or coming back into your life. It may become all too easy to remember only the good times and forget how things really were at one time. If visiting an old location from the past or childhood, it may not appear as it does in your memories.

Kindness and generosity may be significant this week, even making gifts. Kindness in Canada has been shown recently and in mass numbers due to the devastating forest fires in Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada that are still ongoing, leaving thousands stranded and homeless, including pets. News of the fires can be found in a CBC News report here. Communities are banding together to help people displaced and people across Canada and the Government of Canada are making donations to the fire aid and relief. If you are interested in helping the people of Alberta who are affected by the forest fires, the Canadian Red Cross is accepting donations. More info can be found on their website. If you are in Canada, donations can also be made through your Canadian financial institution as a “Payee”.

Between May 6 and May 20 2016, all donations made to and in PetSmart stores in Canada will go towards aid/relief to feed and rescue pets and to their families who are displaced by the fires – see news story here.

Heartfelt sympathies to all affected by the forest fires that are still continuing. Prayers for rain that is much needed in the region.

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