Card of the Week: April 24-30 2016 – Eight of Swords Reversed


This week may have a sense of relief or “escape” from what make have created limitations around you, whether they are self-imposed or circumstantial. You may be finding a new path or way out of a current situation after searching for answers or insight. This can mean progress in something that you may have been working on as barriers are lifted. This could indicate that trials of endurance or tests may be overcome to set yourself free, which can also be a symbol of spiritual transcendence.  This may be a time of re-evaluation to understand your present situation and what may be holding you back from moving forward, which you may then be able to pinpoint how to progress further. This may not be easy and may require hard work; surprises may be in store but may reveal an opening in the swords that barricade you and release you from your own limitations.

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