Tarot Personalities and Myers-Briggs Personalities


tarot personalities and myers briggs personalities tarotpugs

I’m a firm believer that each individual is a complex person. There are various factors that make up one person, whether you combine personality, upbringing, astrology, etc., everyone is unique.

For example, I’m a Libra with Capricorn ascendant/moon, but when you take into consideration all the other planets, my complex characteristics don’t generally fall under the typical descriptions of Libras. That’s where I find my personality overpowers that generalisation.

As my personality type according to Myers-Briggs (INTJ) is considered the rare type for men (approximately 2% of the population) and even more so rarer for women (approximately 0.8% of the population), then when you combine the astrology, upbringing and personality, the pieces of the puzzle seem to fit together.

If you’re interested in finding more about your personality type, I highly recommend doing the test at 16 Personalities. It takes about 10 to 15 minutes (also available on mobile devices), and if you answer honestly, I find it spot on.

As for natal charts, you can check out Astro.com to get your chart and find other interesting facts and also at Astrology.com. It’s always interesting when you can find a bit more about yourself, articulated accurately.


Tarot Personalities

So, what about the tarot and personalities?

The Court cards are generally the character-types of the tarot and this started to make me think. Sometimes we only see one aspect of someone when we interact with them.

You might think that whenever you’re around your mother-in-law, she’s completely the “Queen of Swords” (both upright and reversed) and that your boss is the “King of Pentacles” when he talks business.

Yet, they may be completely different people around someone else.

The same is for each of us. When I do my readings, I channel the Queen of Cups into every reading, yet at home around my pugs and husband, I’m more a combination of the Queen of Cups and the Queen of Pentacles, while on the job, it’s more like the Page of Swords with a bit of Page of Pentacles.

I’m really fascinated by the Myers-Briggs test ever since I first heard about it many, many years ago. So, I was wondering, can there be a combination of four court cards to match the personality type? If so, what combinations would that be? How would you interpret them for yourself?

As something I realised, not only are there 16 court cards, there are also 16 personality types according to the Myers-Briggs test. Fascinating!


INTJ in Tarot?

Myers-Brigg & The Courts

For myself, I thought of the combination of Page of Cups for Introverted (I), Queen of Cups for Intuitive (N), King of Swords for Thinking (T) and Queen of Swords for Judgement (J).

I noticed the pattern of two Water elements and two Air elements in this combination; two Cups and two Swords, bringing the introverted, intuitive, thinking and judgement components together.

If each personality type can be broken into four court cards, could it possibly mean that we exhibit these personalities of the court cards on a regular basis?

Although, I find that I channel the Page of Pentacles often, which is also an aspect of INTJ since we love to study, learn and teach other people about random stuff that we find interesting and should learn about.

INTJ’s are always thought-provoking and give other people a new point of view to look at something or a problem. But, if the Myers-Briggs personalities are broken down into four court cards, would that be a way that other people view each of us?


Maybe ENFP in Tarot?

For example, someone as a extrovert may be seen with the Fire element, such as a King of Wands (if mature) or the Page of Wands (if younger).

Perhaps the S (sensing) in ISTJ for a man may be the King of Pentacles or even Knight of Pentacles.

Maybe the F (feeling) in ENFP is the Knight of Cups and the P (perceiver) is possibly the King of Cups. If you know your personality type, how would you describe it in tarot court cards?

I’m thinking the same idea could possibly be done for astrology and planets in signs based on in the houses, if you have a working knowledge of it. However, it may simplify or complicate it trying to narrow a larger idea into one card.

Although, if you have a better understanding of one over the other, it may help bring a better understanding by using the tarot or astrology. I may have to try to relate some tarot concepts to understanding astrology and the personalities perhaps or try to find some correlation.

There is a book on my wish list that I have been meaning to get called “Tarot and Astrology” by Corrine Kenner. If I manage to get my hands on it in the next couple of months, I’ll be sure to post a follow up here.


Maybe the Sensing in ISTJ as opposite of the Intuitive in INTJ?

What cards do you think would make up your Myers-Briggs personality? Would you agree with those cards based on what they represent and would you think that you portray them accurately on a regular basis or do you feel you have more than those four attributes?

Would you feel that something else brings out those attributes, whether in an astrology chart or perhaps upbringing? Would it be a question to bring to the tarot to find out more?

Tarot is an excellent tool to discover more about ourselves, why we do what we do, who we are and how we interact with everyone around us. The science behind the Myers-Briggs personality test adds another dimension to understand ourselves and also how to interact with others. I wonder about combining the two methods.

What tarot combinations would you come up with?

Card images of Rider Waite Tarot (c) 1971 used with permission from U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

2 thoughts on “Tarot Personalities and Myers-Briggs Personalities

  1. I also want to read that book you mentioned. I’m currently geeking all things court cards. If I have any Myers-Briggs breakthroughs I’ll ping you! I’m an E/INTP (also rare). First thoughts of an elemental breakdown F/W, W, A, F? This already wouldn’t work for an astro comparison since I’ve got tons of earth in my chart. HMMMM.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Definitely let me know. 🙂 Great to meet! I’m still hoping to get a hold of the book, hopefully paperback since I have a feeling there’s charts in it that don’t convert well to ebook. Definitely still on my wishlist. 🙂 Loving the E/INTP combination.:)

      Liked by 1 person

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