Random Pug Facts & Pug Tail Tarot Spread


Who doesn’t love pugs? With their cute, big eyes, curly tails, the soothing sounds of their snoring, their comical personalities, yes, I’m pug crazy. But, did you know that pugs have been known to be dogs to royalty and even a secret order?

The Pug is known to originate in China and was brought to Europe in the 16th century. Pugs were kept by the House of Orange and even thwarted an assassination attempt on the Prince of Orange, thanks to the alertness of William The Silent’s dog, Pompey in 1572 (Wikipedia entry).

Joséphine de Beauharnais had her Pug named Fortune carry hidden messages to her family while she was confined at Les Carmes prison before her marriage to Napoleon Bonaparte. In 19th century England, Queen Victoria was known to breed and have pugs of her own of which her interest in dogs helped establish the Kennel Club in 1873. (sourced: Wikipedia)

There was even a para-Masonic group called The Order of the Pug founded in 1740 in which the symbol of the order was a pug known for its “loyalty, trustworthiness and steadiness”. Although the order was short-lived after secrets of the order were exposed in a book in 1745, the order was reported to be as active as late as 1902.

Pugs are great dogs for apartment and small house living. However, even with their short hair, they shed seven days a week, 365 days a year with extra bursts of shedding at least twice a year. They even seem to shed worse after baths! Their cute wrinkles give them so much character and charm, but can easily get smelly, infected and grimy along with their cute ears. Daily or at least weekly cleaning of the wrinkles and ears is necessary to keep pugs from having itchy, smelly ears and wrinkles. Some pugs don’t mind the cleaning, others fight to avoid it, but all of them love the treats they get right after for enduring the hardship of having their wrinkles cleaned.

TPIF tarotpugs 10-23-15

As much as pugs are usually seen as having a laid-back, sedentary lifestyle, not many people know that as puppies, pugs have an excessive amount of energy. Even as adults, pugs can occasionally have a burst of excitement and energy just like puppies again. On average, pug puppies are usually very active dogs that need a fair and reasonable amount of exercise when young. Then around age two (in my experience), they begin to “slow down”. Our first pug was quite hyper until just after two years old and then it was like a switch went “off” and he was very calm after that. Some people are quite surprised when they get a pug puppy because they don’t realise how hyper pug puppies can be when they are expecting the lazy pug attitude which doesn’t come until after they are full grown. If you can “stick it out” for the first two years and put in a lot of training and patience, you will have the best kind of companion in your life.

Pug Tail Spread

I came up with this spread in the shape of a pug’s curly tail. The questions are centred and modeled after pug “habits”. Below, Rosie shows the layout of the spread. Feel free to use this spread whenever you wish.


  1. Who or what makes me happy?
  2. What do I dream about? (goals, aspirations)
  3. What do I hunger for? (desire)
  4. What do I need to “chew” on? (contemplate)
  5. What do I need to “shed”? (get rid of)
  6. How can I “treat” myself?

Hope you have a pug-tastic day/evening!

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