Card of the Week: April 3-9 2016 – Five of Cups Reversed


Last week was the Eight of Swords and this week with the Five of Cups reversed, things may seem to be improving slightly. We have gone through the worry, sorrow and perceived limitations imposed on ourselves and now we may feel it is time to pick up the remaining pieces and move on. Although we may not be able to forget what has happened, we carry it with us as we continue. This may mean burying the hatchet or letting bygones be bygones; it may not make what happened as acceptable, but there comes a time when life carries on. This could also mean a resistance to move on and remain in a position of regret or pain, but inside there may be a sense that the time has come to allow healing to take place. Although this week may begin the initial steps of healing, there is no need to rush faster than you are willing to go. The Five of Cups reversed can indicate the beginning stages so whenever you are ready, you may pick up your remaining pieces and carry on.

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