Card of the Month: April 2016 – Four of Swords Reversed


April may be a busy month whether we like it or not. This may mean coming out of a period of rest, hibernation or even seclusion and rejoining the world, society or other activities. This may be out of desire to do so or out of necessity. However, you may feel like you want to rest at times and are unable to do so in order to “get away from it all.”

This month may require a lot of intellectual work and activities of the mind, planning and organizing as the suit of swords is associated with air and intellect; all the work we need to get done and can’t avoid. You could feel re-energised after a period of rest from a long winter of being indoors and now it may be time to get outdoors and involved in activities again. Although this month may be active and you may want to withdraw to be alone with your thoughts, it may not be possible to do so for as much or as long as you may want.

One thought on “Card of the Month: April 2016 – Four of Swords Reversed

  1. You said it, girl!

    In the LWB for my deck of choice (the WorldTree tarot) she says about this card reversed: Is that a trumpet in the distance?

    This is very much a month to GET MOVING. As the song says, “I can see clearly now, the Rain has gone.”

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