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Card of the Week: March 27-April 2 2016 – Eight of Swords


Last week was the Nine of Swords, this week is the Eight of Swords. If we haven’t been able to release ourselves from our fears or worries, we may still feel trapped by these fears or self-limitations. We may feel that we are unable to escape this situation, although just like the opening in the circle of swords around the bound woman, there is a way out. If we didn’t climb up the swords in the Nine of Swords, which may cut us on the way up, we are given another chance to maneuver out of the situation that has lead us to our present circumstance. You may feel as if your hands are tied in regards to a situation, but the feeling may be a self-imposed belief rather than from an objective viewpoint. You may be waiting to be rescued from your present situation, however you can also have the ability to find your own way out, too. Look within to gain inner sight for your “escape”.

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