Card of the Week

Card of the Week: March 20 –26 2016 – Nine of Swords

nine swords tarotpug

This week may have overtones of anxiety or worry about a situation or problem. Something may keep you up at night or it could be as simple as insomnia and late nights. There could be feelings of helplessness, however if you notice the swords leading up from the bed set up like a ladder, it may be the way out of despair. It may not be an easy climb out of it, however there is always a glimmer of hope and comfort just like the astrological signs and roses on the comforter/bedspread laid out on the bed in the card. Sometimes it can be a “nagging feeling” that something is wrong or “off” and we feel anxious and worrisome. This week may mean getting to the bottom of what troubles us deeply and internally, to release it (fears, worry, anxiety) so we can let it go, and in the end recover from it.

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