Ostara/Spring Equinox Tarot Spread

The Spring Equinox is coming up – springtime! The sun is starting to shine more (although I’m not fond of losing the hour of sleep this week due to daylight savings, the extra sunlight in the evenings may have its benefits), the snow is rapidly melting over here and the pugs are getting frequent walks again – off exploring more of our new neighbourhood now that they can start smelling more things that are being uncovered by melting snow.


Ostara marks the birth of new beginnings, everything becomes fertile again. It was a relatively short winter here, even though we had about three major storms that dumped a combined total of around 111 cm of snow, it has started to disappear quite quickly due to the rain we received.

Ostara on March 20th also marks the beginning of a new zodiac year starting with Aries and is also International Astrology Day. Time to get out your natal charts! I think I’m going to go over mind again and look further into it. My great-aunt had paid for a natal chart for me way back in 1985. I didn’t get my hands on it until 1999. My mum had it stored away and found it while cleaning out the basement storage room one day. I read it from front to back and to this day, it’s still very accurate and has even had several points coming true, especially about health issues. (My husband calls it my “instruction manual”, pretty much my life guidebook.) I have recently wanted to look further into astrology, so maybe this year I will get my feet wet, get some of the basics down and see where it leads.

Since spring started early, some people have even started with the gardens well before the equinox since the timing seemed to be optimal for it. That made me think of a spring spread for what might be “planted” for the upcoming season.

TarotPugs Ostara Spread



What am I planting this year?

  1. Spiritually?
  2. Physically?
  3. Work/Career?
  4. Love?

Here’s what I came up for myself:


  1. Two of Swords: Learning to go within and trust my other senses more rather than just my physical sight. By blocking out external distractions, I can learn to focus my attention inward to develop and attune my higher chakras and align them. This card had actually appeared in a previous reading when I inquired about how to open my crown chakra more. (I swear as I wrote this, the lid on the box of my tarot decks shifted and moved. It had been over two hours since I last touched it.) Time to get attuned!
  2. Five of Wands: This may require me to learn to collaborate with others in my field and interests. It can also mean building a new life for myself (constructing with the determination of the wands). I may need to be more competitive in some areas, but it’s all in good fun and for the thrill of it.
  3. The Lovers reversed: This can mean the lack of harmony between my personal life, my tarot life and my work life and needing to bring them into harmony instead of having them as complete opposites. This may mean that I’m planting the seeds that are causing the separation between myself and my work and I need to bring them together more and reconnect my differences.
  4. Ace of Wands: Ahem. Well, vitality and high energy renewed in love! A positive outlook in love for the upcoming season. The new apartment has certainly breathed new life into my husband and I. We’re certainly happier, positive, enthusiastic and energetic since moving to our new place. Like the tiny leaves falling and blossoming on the wand in the Ace, love is budding!

So what are you planting this spring? Besides what I’ve come up in my reading, I hope to experiment with our new backyard and try out some simple gardening with flowers and plants. I have no experience whatsoever with gardening other than watching my grandfather do gardening when I was a kid. Hopefully, I’ll make him proud!

Wishing everyone a great weekend!

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