Patterns & Experiences in Tarot

Patterns  & Experiences in Tarot

Tarot helps many of us to see what we need to see by “laying it all on the table.” Sometime we can’t accurately put what it is we are thinking of into words, so pictures help to convey our message better since a picture can be “worth a thousand words.”

While I was trying to come up with ideas on what to write about next, I turned to my faithful Rider Waite deck. I frequently switch between my Radiant Rider Waite and my regular Rider Waite, although I am starting to prefer the “regular” Rider Waite over the Radiant, simply because the images are “bigger” in the sense that there is less of a border as on the Radiant Rider Waite.

Although I do like the vibrancy of the Radiant, especially The Fool in that deck which was what originally drew me towards that deck as my first Rider Waite deck.

The Cards Always Tell A Story

As I turned over three cards from my deck, I saw Six of Swords, Three of Swords reversed and Four of Wands. Notice a pattern or theme, may even a progression? I arranged them on my table to get a better look at them and then began to see how my experiences relate to this layout. Below, I’ll give an example of how these cards relate to my personal life experience.


Firstly, the Six of Swords can mean “overcoming obstacles” and “journey over water.” This I can see as a distant past card of years ago when I traveled back from Iceland (over water, yet thankfully not by ship!) and overcame obstacles in order to do that. That was now nearly 14 years ago (where does time go? However, a lot has happened since then).

Now, although that has all occurred in the past – long, long ago – and then looking at the Three of Swords reversed, which in a sense is a kind of healing card – getting over heartache, betrayal, etc., which is true in that sense because it was (at that time period of fourteen years ago) an end of an relationship, but all for the better.

The three years that my ex and I were together, the time was like the three swords in the heart and after ‘traveling over water’, I was able to remove those swords in the past.

-As soon as healing takes place, go out and heal someone else.-- Maya Angelou

Now for the “happily ever after.”

The Four of Swords can indicate happiness, joy, celebration – even weddings. Although that journey fourteen years ago was a tough one (and a life lesson), the Four of Wands does indicate the wedding of my and my current husband, which we’ve been married for almost 10 years now.

This short story gives an example how you can see a story in as simple as three cards.

The pattern of Swords shows that there was strife and conflict (two out of three were swords), but the energy of Wands shifted it at the end.

The middle card as the Three of Swords reversed changed the energy of struggle (or overcoming struggles) and reversed the energy to show the change towards the Wands, which the vibrant yellow background of the Four of Wands shows a happier ending to the “story”.

As shown in the layout with Tarot Puggy Girl, the boat in the Six of Swords is facing right towards the future, the Three of Swords and the Four of Wands – heading towards the “other shore.” The three swords in the heart “fall away” and give way to the celebration in the Four of Wands.

gandhi quote four wands tarotpugs

In almost any card, in any layout, can have symbolism or meaning to nearly any aspect of your life that you can related to.

If you can relate to the cards, then you can relate the cards to your readings for yourself and others.

Find how the cards speak to you and take from them your own personal experiences and lessons.

Finding commonalities, patterns, symbolism, numbers and elements in the reading and cards can give an added depth and interpretation that can usually confirm what you are seeing in the cards meanings.

The more you interact, interpret and study tarot, the more the little “coincidences” will arise to make more sense out of any reading.

Do you see a pattern for yourself in these cards above? Can you also relate? Any other patterns that you see? This exercise can be done any time, anywhere with just three or more cards to see patterns and symbols. Have fun with it!

If you’re interested in what the cards may have to tell of your story or situation, let’s work together for a reading.

Images of Rider Waite Tarot ©1971 by U.S. Games Systems, Inc. All rights reserved.

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