Card of the Month: March 2016 – Six of Pentacles

tarotpugs six pentaclesThis month may focus around money, charity, kindness, philanthropy, gifts or loans. Sounds pretty diverse, doesn’t it? The card for this month may depend how you identify with the figures in the card. Do you feel you are in a position in life to be generous or do you feel you need some generosity to come your way? Do you feel that you experience the ups and downs of giving and receiving gifts, money or exchanges? If you have some debts, this month could mean having an advantage to repay some or most of it back. This month could mean a possible raise at work, receiving dividends from investments or dealing with investors or investments. Getting taxes done early this year? You could see a favourable return. (This could also mean being able to pay any past taxes that are owed.)

In other areas of life besides money, this could mean a balance of time management and resources. The scales in the card are balanced, this month may be about making priorities and distributing everything evenly and fairly. This month can be a prosperous one.

Have a great month – Spring is around the corner!


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