Card of the Month

Card of the Month: December 2015 – Seven of Cups Reversed

20151121_112700This month dreams and fantasy may finally become a reality. There may be less confusion and you can finally think clearly. Less daydreaming and fantasizing and more about making these dreams come true. No time to be lazy anymore. Goals may be nearly reached. Time to show determination and resolve outstanding issues or problems. A project may be underway and close to completion. Remember to stay grounded to avoid losing touch with reality, the extreme of getting lost in fantasies and daydreaming. You may need to set priorities, resist temptation to get sidetracked and put plans into action. The holidays are quickly approaching so this will mean lots of planning and a need to stay organized to bring everything together at the right time. This may include short-term and long-term planning, but clear thinking will see you through to the end of your plans to reach your goals and desires.


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