The Tower, Pugs, Changes & the Dreaded “Jenga” Storage Locker

pug tower 4Most people don’t like unexpected change. Many of us are creatures of habit and would prefer only to have change on our terms and conditions – when we’re ready for it. The Tower has the element of surprise and tearing down the walls of comfort around us.

The Tower card is a shocking card, isn’t it? It can instill fear in anyone who is uncomfortable with drastic change, feeling that the Tower card predicts turmoil ahead. If you are experiencing “rough seas” and get the Tower card, it can seem like your feelings are magnified and can cause you to feel even worse about your situation feeling like it is all “doom and gloom.”

Some tarot readers may say that the Tower card brings change that afterwards is positive because it brings down what is no longer useful, what is holding us back and preventing us from evolving. If a situation is deteriorating, the Tower breaks it away to its foundations and afterwards the Star shines.

Currently, I’m in a “mild” phase of the Tower. Events around my home have in the last few months escalated to the Tower’s full potential and therefore has required me to find a new place to live. We have found a nice new place and can’t wait to move.

pug tower 3

However, the chaos of the Tower around me is still present. The lightning strike(s) in the card? That’s me nearly freaking out about everything we have to sort from 11 years of living in the same place! The people in the card being tossed from the Tower? That’s me throwing out everything that’s useless, broken, things that I have no idea what they belong to (who needs a button or thingamajig that I’ll never find out what it’s for).

Our new place is actually about 134 sq. ft. smaller than our current place, so we need to downsize a lot. Then there’s the storage locker… that’s packed to the gills! That needs to be sorted. I swear, it’s like Jenga in there. One thing gets removed out of that storage locker and the whole thing will fall like the Tower card. (My husband did, however, do a good job getting everything in there. It’s like a perfect Tetris game.) Yet, moving it all needs to be done. As we sort out the main living quarters and organise that, then we can tackle the storage locker and bring stuff into our home that we’re keeping and the rest to be donated or thrown out.

All these events have come as a sudden change. I had talked about wanting to move a few years ago to my husband, but he wasn’t completely on board about it. We looked around, but never really took it further than that. This time, circumstances escalated and we knew it was time to move on. It’s a new chapter and needless to say, a great way of taking inventory and starting anew. As my dad said, “Moving is God’s way of making you clean your room.” So true. My dad’s wife added, “Moving aka cruel and unusual punishment.” Also true. They moved a few years ago combining two houses into a new house. That was a lot for them. They had duplicates of everything… chairs, tables, couches, TVs… they had to scale down everything and keep anything that was in working order and get rid of the rest. We’re doing the same. We plan to save time with moving by buying a new living room set when we move into the new place and not even bring the old one with us. Again, more changes.

pug tower 2

With this is a release of any negativity that has built up from where we are and it’s a revelation also. A new neighbourhood in the city, a different vibe and feel, it’s exciting and scary at the same time. A totally different feel of the Tower card than I am used to than from before. It is somewhat unexpected. We booked to look at a place less than a week after I decided we have to move, the next week we looked at a place, the following week the lease was signed. Although that’s three weeks, it’s gone by quickly in comparison to 11 years in the same place.

So, as the next step happens which will be the Star as we move and settle into our new place, I will keep updates on the progress.

I just hope Rocky doesn’t pee on anything in the new place when he first gets in there. He peed on the ottoman when he first came home to us. That means he needs a long walk before he gets inside to make sure the tank is on empty! I’m sure the pugs will be excited to explore the new neighbourhood as much as we will be too!

pug tower 1

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