Card of the Month: November 2015 – Death Reversed

death rx

Changes may soon be coming to any aspect of your life. There may be something on the horizon in which you may have to make decisions about throwing out old things or “baggage” in order to welcome the new changes. You may be hesitant because these changes may be out of necessity rather than voluntarily desiring it. There may be delays with these changes in the near future, but they are most likely inevitable. This is the beginning of a period of transitioning and greater forces may be behind the scenes putting everything into place.

Nonetheless, you are likely wanting to escape a situation and may inadvertently burn bridges in the process. Although there may be delays in the change process, this may give you ample time and opportunity to tie up any loose ends before moving on. This will give you the chance to resolve any outstanding matters.

There may be interest in the afterlife, death, mediumship or Spiritualist activities. Issues regarding taxes or wills/estates that may cause hindrances. As they say, nothing in life is more certain than death and taxes.

This month is the beginning stages of change and transformation. This may force you to make decisions and may cause pessimism or lethargy, but the work will need to be done to keep things going as they need to be. The process has started and although there may be delays along the way, the ending and new beginning is on the horizon as one sun sets and another rises.

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